You’ve fallen so deep into the business strategy rabbit hole, that you’re haphazardly throwing pieces multiple business strategies against the wall (including the ones you don’t even need), fueling overwhelm that makes growing your business feel like a chore rather than a passion.

You’ve inhaled webinars & invested in Masterminds, only adding to the pile of strategy that has barely moved the needle in your business.

To quote the brilliant Simon Sinek, “Excitement comes from the achievement. Fulfillment comes from the journey that got you there.”

  As your business mindset coach, I not only help you facilitate the mental & emotional shifts that make meaningful progress in your business (more clients, charge what you’re worth, make a greater impact), I help you find fulfillment along your amazing journey!


The biggest mistake female entrepreneurs make is not recognizing their business is an extension of their personal growth. Your personal life & entrepreneurial journey don’t exist in separate containers. Your business is a direct reflection of you. Your thoughts, feelings, perceptions, actions, health, and fulfillment. Mindset gets results that business strategy alone will never get.

"After years of doing hair from client's homes I decided it was time to go bigger. The coaching with Lisa has been the best investment I've made in myself. Not only have I opened my salon while COVID-19 is causing many others to close, but I've had steady clients. The fact that I have a place where my kids come after school, do their homework, and spend time with me is priceless. Lisa helped me recognize so many of my patterns that not only am I thriving in my business, but I've also lost weight without focusing on it. It's amazing what you can do when you have a deeper level of understanding of your thoughts and behaviors".
Tysha Testimony
Tysha Vassor
Salon Owner/ Transitions Hair Care

"Working as an engineer was great pay, but took a toll on my relationship. When my son was born, I knew I needed to be around more. I wanted to start a business for years but leaving great reliable pay for uncertainty was a shift I couldn't make alone. Working with Lisa allowed me to quit psyching myself out and take steps I was comfortable with toward my dream. Not only that, but Lisa helped me get clear on what I need in my personal life to be happy and set my business goals up in a way that fit with that vision."
Lionel Galindo Testimony
Lionel Galindo
Owner/ Innotek Solutions

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What You Can Expect Working With Me.

After your free session, I'll propose a strategy and offer based on your goals, needs, and availability.
We can take small bites or dive into intensive sessions based on your comfort and schedule. (Transparent general self-investment rates are located at the bottom of this page).

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You're The Hero of Your Story!


Melissa Balgobin's story

"Blogging was more of a hobby while I was home raising my four boys. Imposter syndrome was a huge hurdle. Working with Lisa gave me the courage to take my blog to the next level, making money as an influencer with brands like Dove. If I didn't invest in coaching with Lisa, I would've never gotten past the insecurities and excuses that were holding me back from showing up on camera. I get to be here for my boys, enjoying financial freedom and deeper sense of purpose".

Jennifer C Testimony

Jennifer Jacob's Story

"After feeling like I was running on fumes because of my job and family, I hit breaking point. I didn't want to give up my financial independence but hated that I was snapping at my family so often. I wasn't happy. I hired Lisa at a friend's recommendation. Within the year that we worked together, I turned my design work into my full-time business. My business has been thriving with the strategies Lisa taught me to attract & connect with my clients so that word of mouth has been an effortless driver of new clients. Lisa's experience helped me break through blocks I didn't even know I had.

General Investment Rates

90-Minute Intensive Session
Great when you need immediate insight.
$ 247 per session
  • Includes 1 brief follow up messaging chat.
  • Details given at Discovery Call.
1 Month
Great to help you hit the ground running.
$ 867 60 minute call 1x p/wk.
  • 1 brief weekly follow up messaging chat
  • Details given at Discovery Call.
3 Month Foundation Builder
Great for creating a solid foundation with a shorter commitment.
$ 3,647
  • One 60 minute sessions p/wk
  • Details given at Discovery Call.
20-Minute Brainstorming Session
Great for quick micro wins, & bursts of energy to break through to your next "Aha" moment.
$ 86
  • Details given at Discovery Call.
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