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Who is This Community For?

If sitting on a cushion chanting with a Guru doesn’t fit your lifestyle, you’re not alone. If you’ve ever felt a lack of authenticity, and relatability in the personal development arena, I’m right there with ya. If you’ve given up on personal growth and develpoment communities because the toxic positivity, over the top behavior, and “my shit don’t stink” attitude has turned you off, you’re gonna want to have a look around the space I’m creating for us!

Bite-size personal development that’s easy to digest yet thought-provoking, produces small wins, creating unstoppable forward momentum. We’re creating community around resources that seamlessly blend self-improvement into your lifestyle (minus screaming “YOU GOT THIS”!!!! at the end of every sentence).

Creating a life that you jump out of bed for (no blaring alarms, coffee, or bribery needed), doesn’t have to be overwhelming. As a mom, wife, author, podcaster, and self-awareness advocate/facilitator, I know that you need and deserve personal development resources that keep up with you, (while not causing you to roll your eyeballs at generic encouragement, or the clever crafting of a perfect persona). If you’ve read my book you already know I find exposing my screw-ups not only liberating, but the best way to build real connections and reflect your worthiness back at ya. 

Escape the vicious cycle of fear, self-sabotage and disappointment to fearlessly create success and fulfillment in all aspects of life, by adding real, simple, and relatable personal growth into your lifestyle today. You don’t have to fart rainbows in order to take your fulfillment to the next level, but you do need to show up!


How Lisa Delivers Value!

Corporate/ Business

Like any machine, your business consists of moving parts. The most successful businesses encourage self-awareness within their system, to facilitate those parts working in unison.

Middle School and Beyond

From middle school through higher learning, students face decisions that significantly impact the rest of their lives. Developing strong roots in self-awareness empowers them to align with what they want, and fearlessly achieve their dreams.

Personal Development

Is there something greater than you're allowing yourself to be?As a self-awareness facilitator, I help you do the heavy-lifting, so you can step away from overwhelm and doubt, to create the fulfillment you deserve.

"After 20 years in IT, I decided to go into business for myself. Working with Lisa gave me clarity on what I wanted in life and business, minus the constant input from others. I was able to move forward with confidence and clarity after over a year of just dipping my toes into entrepreneurship".
Lionel Galindo

New Book

New Book

Entertaining and inspiring. Lisa’s fantastic kick-ass voice left me cheering and encouraged. The bottom-line intention of this book is a worthy one that is greatly needed“.

Regina Sara Ryan -Hohm Press

Grab the Amazon Bestseller here!

New Podcast

Personal Growth Lifestyle

Author & Show Host

Author and host 

Lisa Latimer

This “battle-tested empath” serves up real talk with heart on her podcast, (just like she does in her new book). Overcoming over a decade of narcissist abuse, low self-esteem, and crippling fear of failure, Lisa knows what it takes to roll up your sleeves, rip off the bandages, and perform surgery on yourself. She knows that true personal development and growth doesn’t always come with rainbows and unicorns flying out of our asses, but with confronting uncomfortable feelings, hard truths, and questioning conventional advice. If your up to the task of personal growth and development minus the sugar-coating (Lisa’s combination of street smarts and eloquence deliver explosive result),  you won”t be disappointed.  

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