No, You're Not Selfish For Wanting More.

 There’s greatness within you that goes beyond raising amazing little humans! When you’re sitting on your talents, passions, interests, and dreams outside of motherhood, you’re not living fully in your power. With the demands and expectations of society and family, it can be hard to:


  1. Silence distractions.
  2. Get clear on what fulfillment looks and feels like for YOU!
  3. Set realistic goals so that you show up for yourself, rather than cave into fear (cleverly disguised as procrastination, perfectionism, & more).

 Nobody wins when you play it small. You can only give your best when you’re at your best! (PS. You also deserve your best).



 I specialize in structured guidance allowing you to escape self-doubt so you can enjoy the confidence, joy, and freedom that comes with taking decisive action, and getting results. You’ll learn how to intuitively create fulfillment using self-awareness as your foolproof compass. 



Imagine how relieved you’ll feel when your decisions flow effortlessly, rather than second, third, and fourth guess yourself (wasting time, money, and energy running in circles).


Let’s get you into your greatness because fulfillment is always the best look on you!

" I was exhausted and frustrated from years wasted caving into my limiting beliefs. Working with Lisa gave me the clarity and confidence to turn my side-hustle into a business. That achievement and purpose give me even more to offer my family."
Jennifer C.

"Working as an engineer was great pay, but took a toll on my relationship. When my son was born I knew something had to change. I had business aspirations for years but it never felt like the right time. Working with Lisa allowed me to quit psyching myself out and take steps I was comfortable with toward my dream. Not only that, but Lisa helped me design my business goals with the goals I had for my family life in mind so there's no friction."
Lionel Galindo Testimony
Lionel Galindo
Business Owner

Let's Have a No Strings Attached Free Session

Self-awareness helps you create fulfillment in all aspects of life.

Comfortable Conversation

Set up in the comfiest space you have and try a free session to see if I'm the right option for you. I support your journey even if we're not the match you need to do amazing things.

No commitment, pressure, or obligation. Tap the button below and fill in a couple of questions. I'll get back to you within 24 hours Mon-Fri.

Working with Lisa

What You Can Expect Meeting Lisa

I offer group and private sessions. Packages are flexible because you have unique needs. After your free session, I'll propose a strategy and offer based on your goals, needs, and availability.
We can take small bites or dive into intensive sessions based on your comfort and schedule.

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You're The Hero of Your Story!


Melissa Balgobin's story

I wanted a way to be available for my four boys and still have financial independence. I had been dabbling with blogging as more of a hobby. Working with Lisa gave me the courage to take my blog to the next level, making money as an influencer with brands like Dove. Not only do I continue to enjoy getting paid for what I do, I also receive free products ranging from beauty to child-care! If I didn't invest in coaching with Lisa, I would've never gotten past the insecurities and excuses that were holding me back.

Tysha Testimony

Tysha's story

After decades of doing hair from client's homes I decided it was time to go bigger. The mindset coaching with Lisa has been the best investment I've made in myself. Not only have I opened my salon while COVID-19 is causing many others to close, but I've had steady clients. The fact that I have a place where my kids come after school, do their homework, and spend time with me is priceless. Lisa helped me recognize so many of my patterns that not only am I thriving in my business, but I've also lost weight without focusing on it. It's amazing what you can do when you have a deeper level of understanding of your thoughts and behaviors.

My approach, based on my "self-awareness bucket concept" (in my book).

Self-Awareness Bucket Concept


Filling your self-awareness bucket to a certain point allows the valuable information you learn about your thoughts, behaviors, and patterns, to spill over into multiple aspects of your life simultaneously.


Get clear on: 

1) What you want and need to wake up to a life that inspires you.

2) The fears, patterns of self-sabotage, and negative self-talk specific to your experiences, false truths, and limiting beliefs.

3) Goals that are doable for you, taking you on a direct path to your goals.

Need to Get Warmed Up? I've Gotcha Covered!

 My passion is helping women and occasionally the guys) make the necessary shifts to offer themselves, their families, and the world their absolute best. If you’d like to slow the pace and get to know me better, you’re in the right place! 


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