Google Helps You Procrastinate on Your Goals

Google Helps You Procrastinate on Your Goals

Google Helps You Procrastinate on Your Goals

I can stay awake Googling the most trivial of questions until the wee hours of the morning.  As an entrepreneur, I’ve Googled my way to everything from how to hire an engineer for prototyping, to how to self-publish on Amazon. As great as it is to have free access to this expansive source of information, I can’t help but acknowledge that Google also helps you procrastinate.

There’s little doubt that for all of the questions Google has helped me answer, it has also created significant time-sucking distractions.  Some of those detours come in the form of answers to questions that lead to more questions. 

Other times, those distractions come in the form of the latest celebrity gossip and breaking news.  For as much as you can accomplish with the help of Google. There’s a particular danger that Google presents along the way. Here are three ways Google helps you procrastinate on your goals.

The Google News Feed Leads to Procrastination

The first way Google helps you procrastinate is with their news feed, (smacking you in the face with personalized content).  The Google targeted news feed, caters to your itch for distraction, making it damn near impossible to begin a Google search, without reading at least one article. 

How many times have you been riding a wave of ambition, and in an attempt to figure out something, end up reading the latest drama of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, or the most recent political scuffles?

The thought of losing an hour to celebrity gossip, and repetitive news, is frustrating, and it’s more frustrating when it costs you your productivity. 

We all get the same 24 hours to make progress on our personal goals.  With the variety of distractions calling for your attention, developing a strategy when entering the realm of Google is worth your effort.

Despite giving us all of the answers, Google helps us procrastinate.

Despite giving us all of the answers, Google helps us procrastinate.

Google’s Information Excess Leads to Procrastination

The second way Google helps you procrastinate is entangling you in a twisted web of information overload.  When was the last time you were able to get everything you need from one simple Google search? 

If you’re like me, you usually end up digging through several articles (typing in a whole new Google search to answer further questions that arise from the original search).  Having this endless buffet of info, we often end up stuffed, (literally our brains can feel ready to explode).

Making sense of the answers that Google offers up, can take you on this Alice in Wonderland type adventure.  Before you know it, you’re following the white rabbit (that initial Google search result) into a deep hole. It can leave you feeling more lost and confused than when you set out on our quest. 

What happens when you get the answers you initially set out to find?  You get confused trying to make heads or tails of how to implement that info, to achieve your goals?  You can Google that as well!

Google’s Illusion of Perfection Coddles Fear of Taking Action

The third and the most dangerous way Google helps you procrastinate is by giving us a false sense that perfection can be achieved.  It’s an attractive delusion, this sense that we have all of the answers at our fingertips.  Infinite knowledge, without the debt, and time-consuming, of higher education. 

The problem is that we’re convinced that we can Google our way to perfect execution of our plans, and end up not executing at all.  We mostly remain stuck in this never-ending search for that next hit of info, that will get us the high of perfection.

Before launching the Art of Positive Self-Talk, I spent months watching webinars on building email lists, creating course content, paid promotion, and affiliate collabs, planning for a perfect launch.  Each webinar and article brought me that much closer to believing I would launch perfectly. 

There was one problem.  I was no closer to launching, with zero money coming in.  “I just need one more (insert your perceived remedy here”), offers great comfort when we’re procrastinating, or not dealing with fears.

The truth is, I forgot most of the info from those webinars and gurus and still needed to confront my fear of failure.  No matter how much info you have at your fingertips, action, and mistakes are the best teachers.  The fastest track to achieving your goals is testing and adjusting as you go.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Google is a remarkable asset in digging up helpful info.  Take advantage of this abundance of information at your fingertips, however, you should be self-aware enough to recognize when Google is helping you procrastinate, rather than achieve your goals.  What do you love/hate about Google?






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