How to Hold Yourself Accountable, (With No Motivation)

The Motivation Myth Stoppin You From Holding Yourself Accountable

We often use motivation as a general statement.  “I have no motivation today.”  It’s a bullshit claim.  Motivation is a general desire or willingness to do something.  Lacking motivation isn’t the issue.  The something your motivation is pointing you in often is.  The something that we need to do isn’t always what we want to do.  Binge-watching Netflix may be the outcome when you mean to do laundry.  In this case, your motivation is vegging out in front of the T.V. Keep reading for three tips on how to hold yourself accountable when you have “no” motivation.

Get Clear and Specific

The first way to hold yourself accountable when you have no motivation is having a clear goal.  General goals, allow you to take a broad, rather than a specific approach to achievement.  Once your goal is clear (and smack full of detail), decide what actions will bring immediate results with the greatest impact.  For a business, you may prioritize launching your evergreen course, (bringing in immediate income), rather than focusing on your social media likes.  Setting a specific time for chores (like laundry), keeps the momentum moving forward.  Lamenting “I have laundry to do” allows it to linger.  It also doesn’t make it less painful.   You’ll always find a way to point your motivation in a direction other than any dreaded chore.  Being clear and specific puts you into the mindset of getting it done.

Be accountable when you have no motivation.

Be accountable when you have no motivation.

I’m a fan of writing a to-do list on an old-school wall calendar (someplace in clear sight), planners, and on the phone with an alarm set.  In structuring your list, refrain from overreaching.  If you’re in the habit of squeezing an intimidating amount onto a to-do list, at least separate the “will do” tasks (which are non-negotiable, and “can do” tasks, (which are tasks that can be rolled over into the next day.

Merging Lanes Ahead

The second way to hold yourself accountable when you have no motivation requires a bit of thought and planning.  Closing the gaps between the things you dislike doing and the things you enjoy is much like killing two birds with one stone.  I’ve done that with my business ventures.  In creating income streams that align with my interests and personality, I’m able to merge the things I enjoy with those I don’t.  While I’m not thrilled about EVERY aspect that comes with my ventures, enjoying the majority of what I do, makes the tough bits easier to digest.

Give In

If you get a little antsy, (like myself), take a timed break from your less desirable task. Spend a set amount of time on whatever you’d rather be doing.  I find that in business, this keeps me productive, without feeling suffocated or like a slacker.  I complete the more significant task and get some smaller sideline tasks (like social media engagement), as well.

Read this core article, about how your self-awareness, helps you get into a growth mindset, to kick the crap out of your to-do list.

What are some of your tips for staying the course when motivation points you in the direction of distraction?

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