Month: June 2019

Get His Attention, and Keep Him Chasing You

Get His Attention by Tapping Into Your Inner Cat I’m guilty of bending over backward for my significant others (despite their taking advantage of that desire to please).  With a healthy dose of self-awareness, I broke that nasty fourteen-year pattern (going from doormat to Goddess).   Recently, a rather funny “AHAAA” moment hit me.  The turning…

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Closure After a Breakup

Closure After a Breakup? The idea of getting closure is often a knee-jerk reaction, post-breakup.  Getting over a breakup is one of those things we’re usually not prepared for ahead of time.  The person on the receiving end often can’t resist a search and rescue mission for closure.  We convince ourselves that before we can…

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How to Deal With Regret

How to Deal With Regret From grade school, we learn that mistakes, (and enough of them), equal failure.  Mistakes carry a weight that’s heavy on our shoulders, keeping us reluctant to step outside our comfort zones.  Many of us deal with regret in self-destructive ways (causing a pileup of regrets).  Some mistakes surprise us, just…

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