How to Get His Attention, and Keep Him Chasing You

Get His Attention by Tapping Into Your Inner Cat

I’m guilty of bending over backward for my significant others (despite their taking advantage of that desire to please).  With a healthy dose of self-awareness, I broke that nasty fourteen-year pattern (going from doormat to Goddess).   Recently, a rather funny “AHAAA” moment hit me.  The turning point in my ability to grab the attention of guys I liked, came when I began acting like my lovingly detached cat, and less like my mushy, smothering dog.  Not one to hoard my useful lessons for myself. Here’s how to get his attention and keep him chasing after you.


Cat Dating Behavior #1

Have you ever watched a cat grooming?  They lick, nibble, and rub away with complete abandon.  They indulge themselves like nobody’s watching.  It’s not a chore that needs to be penciled in.  They stop in the middle of whatever they’re doing, lavishing themselves with love.  The first cat-like behavior, to grab his attention, is to pamper yourself.  Treat yourself with care and attention to detail, (physically and mentally), sending the message, “this is my standard.”  Go for a manicure/pedicure. Get a fresh blow out.  Do yoga on the beach.  Buy fresh flowers.  A little pampering affects how you feel and carry yourself.  It also serves as your proclamation to the Universe that you’re ready for a mate that can meet or exceed those standards.  Imagine you’re a delicate shirt.  The way you’re seen caring for yourself is the “handling” tag, instructing romantic interests on how to care for you as well.

Cat Dating Behavior #2

Have you tried getting a cat off the toilet lid when you need to pee?  You’re left dancing in anticipation, ready to explode!  All while kitty slowly gets up, stretches, (while looking at you like the nuisance you’ve momentarily become), and finally jumps down.  The lesson in this rude kitty behavior is to move at your own pace.  This second cat behavior will grab his attention and position you in front of his thoughts.  When he wants to meet, allow some time to pass.  If you’re home, elbow deep in a bag of OREO’s, inform him that you’re in the middle of something, and can be free in a few hours.

If you’re just out of work, don’t rush home frantically to shower.  Wind down and primp with abandon (see behavior #1).  Don’t skip out on your usual yoga class.  You deserve the activities that care for your physical and mental health.  If you’re lunching with your girlfriends, don’t speed eat and skip girl talk.  Take what you already have planned and enjoy it.  Let him know you’re excited to see him, and what time will work best for you.  Allow that anticipation to build.  Leave him dancing around, ready to explode!

These 5 cat-like behaviors, will grab his attention now!

These five cat-like behaviors will grab his attention now!

Cat Dating Behavior #3

Do you find it curious how a cat can be purring one minute, then ripping your hand to shreds the next?  Where therapy dogs are successful in helping children with behavioral challenges, some therapists have touted cats as better teachers for these children.  It’s indeed the fact that cats won’t tolerate behavior that threatens or harms them (without a hiss, growl, scratch, or bite).  Dogs tend to allow such behavior, not making it evident to the child that their behavior is inappropriate.  This is the third cat-like behavior, will grab his attention, forcing him to take notice of your sexy fem-fetal confidence, and strength.

The truth is that guys really can’t resist a woman with a feisty streak.  Ooze as much femininity as you want.  Be doting and girly, without forgetting that letting your claws out when necessary, is very sexy.  Knowing you can handle your battles (even when he’s the opponent) is a turn on.

Cat Dating Behavior #4

Ever switch your cat’s food or litter?  Cats are picky.  Switching things they’re familiar with can be tricky.  If they were less than thrilled about the change, I’m sure they made their displeasure known.  Kicking litter out of the box, or peeing outside of their litter box, can be their way of voicing that you’ve disappointed them.  Though they can be spiteful getting their point across, there’s a lesson.   This cat-like behavior, of expressing your likes/ dislikes, grabs his attention, keeping him from having to play mind reader.  Have an opinion, and voice it.  If you’re craving an evening of glam, rather than take out and Netflix, say so.  Take the pressure off of your romantic partner, showing that he doesn’t have to have a degree in mind reading.  Make your tastes and opinions known, allowing them to go above and beyond to surpass them.  Valuing your views, and being proud of your voice is sexy.

You can keep him craving you, while keeping your own identity.

You can keep him craving you while keeping your own identity.

Cat Dating Behavior #5

The quality that cats are best known for is independence.  My dog’s happiness depends on companionship.  When I leave with the kids in the morning, we hear him crying from outside our 3rd-floor apartment.  He now jumps on the kitchen of our new home, looking like a sad sack of potatoes as we drive away.  Diesel, on the other hand, continues about his business.  “See ya later,” is his attitude.

While it’s nice to know I’m missed, I think of  Thor (a big muscular pitbull), as needy.  Needy is NEVER EVER sexy!  The last cat-like behavior that grabs his attention is the most important for your self-awareness and well-being.  Work, have hobbies, interests, friends, family, and passions that you love.  Making yourself happy makes you glow from within.  Nobody wants or deserves the pressure of being the center of anyone’s happiness.  Being independent, shows you’re responsible for your fulfillment, taking tremendous pressure off your significant other, (leaving more room for fun).

On a personal note, lack of independence is one of the biggest reasons I remained in toxic relationships, dependent on others, for happiness. All of these cat-like behaviors will contribute to tapping into your self-awareness, which serves you well in every aspect of your life.  To read one of the core articles on what self-awareness is, and how it creates fulfillment in every aspect of your life, click this link. 

Did I leave any cat behaviors out, that can give your love life a boost?  Let me know.

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