Month: October 2019

Why Vision Boards Are a Time Waster

Your Best Life in Images Vision boards are often a first step in manifesting abundance or reaching a goal. They’re visuals of how we believe our best life should look and feel.  I remember amassing a bedroom of magazines, with pictures I clipped for random inspiration.  It was a fun activity, but thinking back on…

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Should You Be the Bigger Person?

Be the Bigger Person? We’re always told to “be the bigger person,” in the face of confrontation.  It shows class, maturity, and self-control (all admirable traits).  But, for all of the sense, and good intent in that school of thought, there’s an ugly truth.  There are times when being the bigger person, feels more like…

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Fall in Love With Yourself This Fall

The Perfect Backdrop, For Falling in Love With Yourself There’s nothing like a change in seasons, to stimulate the desire for positive life changes.  Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons.  The sun still warms your skin during the days (which are still long enough to enjoy).  Fall clothing and decor, offer colors…

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