Carry Yourself to Attract Abundance

Carrying Yourself to Attract Abundance

Do you carry yourself in a way that confidence and self-respect ooze out of you, or do you carry yourself in a manner that makes you and your awesomeness shrink?  The way you walk, talk, gesture, posture, make eye contact, handshake, put yourself together, is all part of your resume. 

Every day, when you step outside of your door, you’re either showing up or you’re not.  It’s that simple.  Attracting abundance quickly requires you to be conscious of the collective vibes you send, which are felt by others and the Universe. 

That’s what people are reacting to, as well as what the universe will boomerang back to you.  Are you aware of your daily presentation, or do you already know you’re not putting your best self into the world?  Here are three simple physical changes you can make to attract more abundance into your life quickly.

Positive vibes, and strong energy make a bold statement, helping you attract abundance fast.

Positive vibes and strong energy make a bold statement, helping you attract abundance fast.

Your Body Language Introduces You

In my 3rd floor walk-up in Queens, NY, I know exactly which of my neighbors is coming up the stairs.  The three sisters in their mid 20’s have a quick pace, lightly tapping each step.  I know when the man across the way is coming up when I hear his quick and heavy stomps.  The slow, heavy trudging steps that seem to take forever to reach the door belong to an exhausted man, with a heavy backpack, that’s just worked a mandatory double shift. 

Indeed my husband looks and sounds like a person carrying the weight of the world as he comes up our steps.  After working a double and arriving home to 45 minutes’ worth of parking shenanigans, he may momentarily feel that way. 

His typical posturing is that of a confident, strong, proud man; however, his slow movement is a constant.  Even in a rush, I find myself thinking, ” you move with the intention of a sloth” (despite how hard he works).

When you carry yourself with a slouchy posture, you’re sending a distinct signal.  To some, it may look as though you simply don’t care.  Others may see a person who feels defeated and is wilting away from the world. 

When you carry yourself with your shoulders back, chin up, and chest out a bit, you’re vibe says, “I’m here to claim my rightful abundance.”

Although slow movement irritates me personally, you don’t necessarily need to speed walk through life.  Moving with purpose vs. moving timidly, or unintentionally, is distinctly different. 

Like it or not, people who walk with confidence look dynamic.  It gives you the feeling that such a person has a ton of abundance, and is attracting more with every step.  Truthfully, when you carry yourself with confidence, you feel a greater sense of purpose (even if you’re heading to the laundromat). 

So, the first change you can make is to be aware of your posture.  Be sure you’re walking with confidence and purpose.  Be the person that others notice, and make space for, when you enter the room.

Walking with confidence and purpose

Walking with confidence and purpose

To Attract Abundance, Master Your Eye Contact

You can become conscious of and improve your posture.  The trickier of the physical changes to conquer is eye contact.  If our eyes indeed are the windows to our soul,  avoidance of eye contact is the giveaway to a lack of confidence. 

Having spent over a decade in toxic, possessive relationships, this was one of the success markers I used to test my progress.  At my lowest point of self-awareness, I didn’t even look the clerk at the corner store in the eye. 

Loss of self-confidence made the avoidance of eye contact a comfortable option.  Any ordinary gesture, such as saying “hello,” was seen as a flirtation on my part; therefore, I kept my eyes to myself to avoid conflict.

If eye contact makes you feel squirmy, you must consciously challenge yourself to go for it.  The best place to start is speaking to yourself, making eye contact in the mirror.  How often do you walk past a mirror and critique your stomach, rear-end, or double chin? 

When have you ever looked yourself in the eye while speaking an affirmation of self-love?  It’s time to start.  Move from yourself to those you’re closest to. (My course The Art of Positive Self -Talk ), on Teachable tackles this). 

Your second physical change to attract more abundance is to get comfy with eye contact.  Not only does eye contact silently state to others that you’re meant to be seen, it reciprocates the acknowledgment that you see them as well.

Put Down The Phone to Receive and Appreciate Abundance the Around You

Unfortunately, our smartphones don’t necessarily make us look smart.  Here’s a shortlist of how it affects how you present yourself:

  • They keep you distracted, consequently keeping you disconnected from the numerous signals the universe sends you.  It also kills your efforts to be more aware of how you’re presenting yourself.
  • It makes you look disinterested in those around you (especially if you’re interacting with someone right in front of you).
  •  Let’s face it.  It’s no secret that fidgeting with your phone looks fidgety!  I’ve used my phone as a security blanket when in public, not knowing what to do with myself. It’s a massive insecurity red flag for many “people watchers,” like myself.
  • The longer you linger on social media, the higher the chances of getting into negativity, potentially ruining your manifesting efforts fast.  From hostile political debates to wasting time looking at celebrity gossip, you risk sabotaging your efforts.  For more perspective, check out my recent post about why your social media vibes may be stopping you from manifesting abundance.

You don’t look more “connected” or important, being attached to your phone.  Go to a park with a cup of coffee, sit and slowly sip.  This is how I began to increase my comfort with not having my phone in my hand. 

Not only do people doing this look like they’re rooted in thought and able to take in the moment, but it actually happens!  This has become one of my go-to tricks to relax and feed my creative juices.

Grab a coffee instead of your phone

Grab a coffee instead of your phone


The Sum of Your Efforts

There are so many factors contributing to your ability to manifest abundance.  How you carry yourself is undeniably affecting how the universe, others, and most importantly, you perceive yourself. 

Your self-awareness is at the center of the way you present yourself, and thus the vibes you put out.  It’s 100% in your control, and there’s nobody more qualified to make any necessary changes, than you.  I recommend this in-depth core post, on how self-awareness helps you manifest abundance faster.

Do you need to work on any of these three physical changes to increase your vibes?







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