About me

 About Me

Self-Awareness has been a subject that deeply resonates with me.  Overcoming toxic relationships, low self-esteem, and crippling fear of failure, I came to realize the necessity of self-awareness.  Getting real about what fulfillment looks and feels like to you, ( along with your strengths and weaknesses), is a matter you can’t afford to be distracted from.

My Mission

I believe that turning popular perspectives on their ass, and being unapologetically honest, is the best way to become more self-aware.  My goal with my writing, interviews, and guest posts, is to offer you honest, fresh perspectives; contributing to your self-awareness.  I welcome you to join our community by commenting and getting conversations going here, as well as on social media, by sharing posts.



Lisa Latimer

Lisa Latimer

Wishing you the courage to start, and the defiance to always push forward,

Lisa Latimer

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