About Me

Emerging victorious after over a decade in the trenches of narcissist abuse, (form 16-28), I know what it takes to cut through crippling low self-esteem and fear of failure. As a self-awareness facilitator/coach and author, I help women just like you silence fear, gain clarity, and create the fulfillment they crave in life and business.

I’m passionate about teaching women how to find their elusive, unique sweet spot.. where the sugar, spice, & everything nice meets the bad-assness that gets shit done! 

About Lisa Latimer

About Lisa Latimer

As a human filter, I’m obsessed with flipping the script on ideas and conventional wisdom, dissecting it to understand how my clients (& myself) process it. We all internalize the information we receive daily in such a way that feeds our false truths & self-limiting beliefs or strengthens our positive self-talk (there’s no in-between).

I look forward to showing you how to increase your self-awareness, becoming Jedi Master-like in your ability to consciously filter out what doesn’t serve you, get to the roots of your false truths & self-limiting beliefs so that they’re no longer a threat (possibly becoming an asset), and creating new habits that will help you break through the most difficult walls. 



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