About Me

I'm not anti business strategy, but...

Business strategy gets all the glory while mindset takes the back seat. Do I have business strategy? Hell yeah I do!

In fact, I’ve got business strategy that made me top in sales when I:

  1. Sold Kirby vacuums door to door in high school.
  2. Won retail awards from Wet Seal young women’s clothing store.
  3. Worked in strip clubs as an introvert through college (competing with hundreds of knockout women) & still made money (without getting raunchy).
  4. Was a steadily booked & average AF hairdresser.
  5. An in-demand mobile ultrasound technician, with offices asking my employer for me by name to serve their patients.  

But I’ll tell you something right now. It wasn’t business strategy that allowed me to sell with ease & flow in all of these completely different positions. 

It was my mindset.

In my coaching, we create the perfect partnership between the strategies likely piled up under you, & the mindset that creates absolute magic in your business.

About Lisa

A bit about me at my core.

After spending my 20’s in two toxic relationships that left me with low self-esteem, insecurities, & a crippling fear of failure, I rebuilt myself by transforming my mindset. It’s the same mindset that has lead me to run a successful online coaching business, & high-ticket program while homeschooling my kiddos.

The truth is that while we all have different situations & experiences, we share many of the same limiting beliefs. (Yes, the woman who looks like she’s crushing it confidently in corporate & the woman who is swinging from a pole (scared to death of anyone finding out where she works) share many of the same insecurities that stop them from stepping fully into their power. They also have the same basic needs, (to be seen, heard, & understood).

I fully believe in the power & opportunity of entrepreneurship to offer all women not just financial freedom, but the most amazing personal growth & development journey they can imagine. It’s my mission to help women create an unfuckwithable mindset that allows them to be their most valuable asset in life & business.

Next to homeschooling my 8 & 6 y/o, my ability to facilitate profound shifts in women-owned online businesses, so they can experience the joy & fulfillment they deserve, absolutely lights me up! 

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