Attract More Clients Using Less Social Media

All Over Social Media With No Clients 

I hit a wall of resentment trying to attract more coaching clients by spreading myself thin across social media. Courses on how to explode my growth across different social media platforms gave me a false sense of confidence. With only two clients and the looming deadline to return to work, I knew I had to quickly rethink my client attraction strategy. In this post, I’m sharing how to attract more clients using less social media (even if you only have no clients and feel too small to compete).

Clarity is Key to Attracting More Clients Using Less Social Media.

The first mental shift was letting go of the idea that I could serve everybody. Believing you can help everyone, you impact no one. Now, let’s bring it back a few steps. 

I believe everyone should allow themselves three-six months of experimentation before officially declaring, “I help X do Y so that XYZ.” Doing this means starting your business well before you leave your full-time paycheck or feel “ready.” Scratch the urge to help everyone and learn from it before you need to support yourself and your family with your business. 

Take a variety of clients. Charge what you feel comfortable with or extern for yourself (working your way to charging as your confidence grows). Get valuable insight about your zone of genius and which area of coaching you enjoy focusing on. Identify traits of those you don’t want to work with vs. those you want to attract. 

Understanding where your ideal clients spend time on social media when they’re open to solving the pain point you can help them with (not just mindlessly scrolling) will keep your social media activities lean and effective. Don’t bother being on the platforms they’re on when they want to mentally escape or where they’re trained to quickly scroll and binge on quickie content.

Knowing this will help you create content that makes your audience say, “who let you inside of my head”?! No matter what platform or niche, content that falls flat is a disappointing time waster. You’ll attract more clients with less social media when your messaging is intentionally created and strategically placed where it makes maximum impact. The best content will fall on deaf ears on the wrong platform.


Understanding Your Client is Easier Than You Think.

I quickly learned a few valuable lessons between Facebook groups, my few clients, and life experience. First, most of us are walking around with the same diagnosis; (lack of self-awareness, fear, anxiety, insecurity, imposter syndrome, etc.).

Our symptoms also tend to manifest similarly; (undercut our prices, avoid going Live, put off niching, don’t reply to business inquiries).

The root causes are where things get interesting. Your distinct internal processing system decodes every experience and interaction uniquely. It’s how you can have people raised in the same household (even twins) turn out drastically different.

Attracting more clients using less social media requires you to understand that we' share many of the same desires and pain points.

Attracting more coaching clients using less social media requires you to understand that we’ share many of the same desires and pain points.

Our desired outcomes are also mostly the same. To make more money, be in alignment with our values, have more free time, practice more self-care, feel more attractive, have our love reciprocated (the list goes on).

Armed with this understanding, I realized that my ideal client wasn’t in problem-solving mode as she scrolled through short bursts of entertaining videos on TikTok. On Instagram and Pinterest, she’s looking for lifestyle inspiration (home and personal style, fitness, and recipe ideas). On Facebook & LinkedIn, she’s connecting, promoting, and open to finding solutions that she needs (when the right opportunity presents itself).

I began writing focused content that speaks to my client’s desires (using her own questions and answers from FB groups) in a way that appeals to her frame of mind when engaging on that platform. Strategically layering components of my services and personal results allowed me to bake the know, like, and trust factors into my posts.

I saw that posting on every social media platform was a waste of my time. To attract more clients using less social media, all I needed to do was put my eggs into the right platform with the right features. 

I finally had people reaching out to me (most became clients), but I had more to unravel to create the momentum and fulfillment I wanted in my business. While I was attracting more clients using less social media, I was still only getting one-time clients.

Reverse Engineering For a Fresh Perception

Doing things one conventional step at a time rarely works for me. I’m a fan of walking ideas and processes backward. It excites me to see where I can make the most significant impact from the start rather than slowly building up to it. If you’ve been feeling uninspired, I’m willing to bet we have similar wiring.

When I was completing endless revisions of my “I help” statement, I was thinking in terms of 1:1 clients only. This perception felt stale and narrow, leaving little room for creativity. Many of us don’t work well when we feel boxed in (hence the common resistance to niching down). Uninspired and with just a couple of clients trickling in for one-time sessions, I questioned everything I learned. 

Starting with the program in mind first allowed me to focus on what I was good at and interested in. Don’t you believe you should have a genuine interest in what you teach (not just rely on expertise)?

If dealing with clients leaves you feeling exhausted and uninspired, your clients will pick up on that energy. Inspiration is just as important for you as your client.

If dealing with clients leaves you feeling exhausted and uninspired, your clients will pick up on that energy. Inspiration is just as important for you as your client.

I think of it as the difference between the old tenured college professors that I’ve had (just showing up for their paycheck with no belief in the knowledge they were passing on to us) vs. the professors who inspired through their passion for what they taught.


People Pay For Results. They Additionally Pay You In New Clients & Fandom When You Inspire Their Greatness.

Now that I was creating intentional content designed to resonate with my ideal clients when and where they’re open to solutions, I had to figure out why they weren’t signing up for one and three-month packages.

 One-off clients while homeschooling my children and having my husband home (recovering from a stroke) was not energetically or financially sustainable for me.

Stumbling upon a Facebook post in a group of entrepreneurial moms confirmed something I already felt.

I found myself bored to tears with the typical flow of questioning in my coaching practice. Did it lead to my clients digging deeper? Yeah. Did they have some great “Aha” moments? Sure. But then what?

They just gained more clarity on a problem they were comfortable enough to suffer with for quite some time. Just because one gains a deeper understanding of one’s problem doesn’t mean they’re any more likely or motivated to solve it. 

Think about examples of those around you. How often do you look at someone drowning in a problem and wonder how much more suffering they’re willing to endure before getting serious about a solution? Unfortunately, most people are in a pattern of suffering in their pain point until it already seriously cost them in some capacity. 

 It became clear that the challenge I had was a two-headed monster. First, I needed to inject creativity and energy into the process of coaching my clients so that it held my interest. I spent most of my life in sales between womens retail, door-to-door Kirby vacuum sales, strip clubs, and as a fully-booked beautician. 

I’ve won awards from the companies I worked for when I loved and believed in the products. So, how could I love and believe in the coaching services I provide more deeply? Again, it came down to creating a program. It was time for my clients (and myself) to escape the cycle of peeling back seemingly endless layers, only to sit back and reflect to get deeper into the weeds. 

Results keep everyone’s morale high vibe and energetically aligned!

To quote Simon Sinek, “Excitement comes from the achievement. Fulfillment comes from the journey that got you there”.

Your client’s journey is the opportunity for you as an entrepreneur to bring your unique magic (or, as I call it, lead them with Big Soul Energy to the other side of their pain point). 

This became yet another way to attract more clients with less social media. There’s no need to be on every platform when you deliver on such a profound level that your current clients shout about their results with a megaphone!


What’s Good For Your Client is Good For You.

I decided to take my big expectations for my coaching practice one step further. We get the best results in our business when we’re undergoing our own personal growth. Our “Aha” moments create an energetic rush amplifying our ability to be the authority in our space. Your energy becomes a contagious force for clients to take inspired action.

With deeper belief, renewed inspiration, and fresh perception, you become a magnet for clients ready to commit to themselves and get the results that inspire other potential clients to bypass your funnel and jump straight into your masterul hands.

Attracting more coaching clients without being all over social media offers the opportunity to go through your own transformation and energetically align with your dream clients.

Attracting more coaching clients without being all over social media offers the opportunity to go through your own transformation and energetically align with your dream clients.

Is it possible to go through a personal transformation and at the same time immediately apply it to your business and the clients you have so that they, without hesitation, bring you five more potential clients? Absolutely!

Magnetic-Soul Client Attraction Program positions you as the standout transformational specialist in your space. You’ll attract more clients who are excited and inspired for the journey you take them through (whether you help them transform their relationships, finances, career, business, parenting, etc.).

With referrals pouring in from clients so profoundly inspired by their journey and excited by their results, you’ll spend less time chasing leads across social media and more time doing the things that create the balance and fulfillment you need to show up and serve with Big Soul Energy. 

Even if you feel like your industry is saturated, you’ll become a master at anticipating and creating what your clients want (things that they can’t even define during a market research call) that make you the unicorn in a sea of basic entrepreneurs. 

Even if you’ve worked with a coach or participated in a Mastermind, Magnetic-Soul Client Attraction is helping coaches, consultants, and other entrepreneurs create new momentum and excitement in their business that reflects in their client’s results. 

It’s the same system I used to reimagine my coaching practice and turn my 1:1 business mindset clients (who invested an average of 15k across multiple coaching and Masterminds before Magnetic-Soul Client Attraction Program) into inspired action takers. They’re now attracting their dream clients, making more money, and having a more significant impact with less work.

Picture yourself emerging rejuvenated, and enlightened on the other end of your own profound experience, using it to amplify and inspire next-level growth in your business and your client’s experience.

Imagine the high-vibe clients you could energetically attract in that heightened state of self-assurance. How much deeper could you connect with your business and ideal client when you fall in love with your methods, your results, and the results of your clients?

Imagine delivering to just one client on such a soul-touching level (making them feel seen, heard, and understood without judgment) In a way they may not even get from loved ones. Yet here you are, holding space for their greatness, advocating for their desires!

While I’ll never resort to ticking timers and “closed carts” on any of my services or programs (I don’t attract entrepreneurs who fall for scarcity tactics), I do limit the number of members I allow into the full-throttle 40-day portion of the program because of its intensity, and my ability to serve effectively while practicing self-care. 

There is a waiting list available for Magnetic-Soul Client Attraction Program. Members who leave a deposit gain access to a private group that begins getting them in alignment with their transformation while they await their spot in the program to open.

Magnetic-Soul Client Attraction works best for coaches in all niches but also gets entrepreneurs outside of the coaching industry great results. I hold free calls and Facebook messenger chats to help you determine whether or not you and your business will benefit from this program.

Fill out the form below for more information and to be considered for a spot in the Magnetic-Soul Client Attraction Program.

Takeaways From This Post

1) Where is your ideal client when he/she’s open to solving a pain point that you can help with?

2) Are you creating content that speaks to your ideal client’s desired results in a way that inspires them to take action?

3) How do you feel about how you serve your clients? Does that process excite you? If not, how can you make it something that feels amazing?

4) What Facebook groups are your clients in and what questions are they asking?

5) How can you believe more deeply in your product/service and convey that at all touchpoints?

6) Magnetic-Soul Client Attraction Program will position you as the go-to in your space for inspired, transformational results, with ecstatic clients happily bringing you clients so that you can spend more time delivering unique experiences and spending less time on social media. 

Leave your best email for information, exclusives, and openings from the Magnetic-Soul Client Attraction Community.


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