Better Than Vision Boards

What Could be Better Than a Vision Board?

In my post Why Vision Boards Are Time Wasters, I make a case for how vision boards can be misleading rather than inspirational. That’s not to say that you have to throw your vision board out of the window. However, there’s something that goes deeper, increasing your odds of successfully achieving the right goals for you.

In this post, I’ll share the secret that successful businesses use to identify their ideal clients, and how you can repurpose it, for a tool that’s more powerful than a vision/inspiration board.

Vision Board on Steroids

Something that successful entrepreneurs and marketers keep in front of them is known as a Customer Avatar. A Customer Avatar represents their ideal client. Understanding the motivating beliefs, fears, and values influencing their customer’s buying decisions helps them tailor blog posts, ad copy, and positioning, to capture those customers.

The closer they bring that avatar to representing a real customer, the deeper their message will resonate. 

Why should you ditch your vision board and create a future self avatar instead??

Why should you ditch your vision board and create a future self avatar instead?

The First Reason a Future Self Avatar is Better Than a Vision Board

A future self avatar immediately addresses one of the biggest problems I have with vision boards. Vision boards emphasize who you want to be and what you want to have, but not the why of it all. Strong roots in your why anchor you to your goals. You go from having goals to having a mission or purpose. It takes stronger winds to blow you off of your path when you’re bound to a why rather than aesthetics.

The FS avatars’ purpose is to dig deeper, seeking to understand. When we apply this to ourselves, we increase our self-awareness more profoundly. It ensures that the goals we’re chasing align with our unique definition of fulfillment, instead of what appeals to our ego.  

Why is it so important to be in a heightened state of self-awareness before creating your avatar? 

Curating pretty eye-catching images without the self-awareness to understand if they represent what appeals to your heart, can be a recipe for failure. Chasing after the wrong goals is one of the top reasons why we fail. Achieving goals we truly want can be difficult. To achieve goals that don’t capture us is a waste of time, money, and energy. Not to mention, we create self-talk that tells us we lack discipline, focus, and motivation. 

It’s incredibly easy to fail at goals that appeal to our ego rather than our heart. Remember, you’re creating a life that you jump out of bed for without needing an alarm blasting in your ear. You’re not staging a picture-perfect Instagram account. Becoming distracted by aesthetically pleasing images that hold little meaning to you, your vision board becomes a misleading resource drain. 

Does your future self travel to exotic locations? Where? How often? Does your future self's job allow for that?

Does your future self travel to exotic locations? Where? How often? Does your future self’s job allow for that?

The Second Reason a Future Self Avatar is Better Than a Vision Board

Another reason you should create an avatar instead of a vision board is this. Many of us get super excited initially creating our vision board. It’s similar to imagining how we’ll spend a multimillion-dollar jackpot we hold a ticket for. Unfortunately, for many of us, the creation of this vision board is where our journey begins and ends. 

Life comes fast (hello COVID-19). Work is demanding, and your family is even more so. You have a chance to catch up with a good friend. You finally book that well-deserved vacation. The kids need help with homework, and there sits your vision board—a pretty reminder of all the things you mean to achieve one day.

The vision board is the fun part, and so that’s where we tend to stop. However, the magic happens beyond the vision board. You must create a map of actionable steps and implement them to bring your board to life. Without that less fun and more intimidating part of the equation, vision boards are worthless collages. 

A future self avatar also forces you to consider and map out a plan of action (just like the marketer would map out their content and tactics accordingly). This requires you to get more specific, where a vision board tends to be more general.

For example, you won’t just imagine your future self is twenty pounds lighter. What does it feel like to move around without that extra weight? How does your FS stay active? If your FS hike trails, where? What’s the scenery? How does that fresh air smell? How does it feel hiking up inclines and not be winded? What does your FS wear and bring when on these hikes? Are the hikes time alone, or time with friends?

You can redesign your life at any time with a future self avatar

You can redesign your life at any time with a future self avatar

Every aspect of your life requires maximum details. Remember, just like those businesses, your goal is to bring your future self as close to life as possible.

Go through every aspect of your future self’s life with a fine-tooth comb, collecting images that represent various parts of your future-self. Looking at those different parts, close your eyes and envision right down to the minute details, where you’re practically living in that future.

Be sure you have a written, actionable plan with deadlines and an accountability partner if needed. Don’t fear that you have to commit to whatever you add to your avatar. Your avatar is meant to evolve as your self-awareness grows.


You can see why an avatar is more worthy of your time than a vision board. The avatar brings you to a deeper level of self-awareness, ensuring the goals you set will align with your definition of fulfillment. An avatar also forces you to think in greater detail about your goals, and then map out a detailed plan of action.

Do you plan on switching to an avatar rather than a vision board? Leave your best email address below to grab your avatar worksheets. You can complete the workbook yourself, or keep them handy and join me for live avatar sessions hosted on my Facebook. 


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