Breakdown or Awakening: Kanye West Edition

Kanye: Breakdown or Awakening?

Kanye West and public rants are nothing new. However, his latest breakdown admits that he and Kim Kardashian West considered aborting their firstborn child. This hits differently and highlights the thin line between a breakdown vs. an awakening. Full disclaimer, I’m not a psychiatrist or in the mental health field.  However, I believe genuinely in self-healing, religious faith, and spirituality.
In this post, I’ll offer a different perception of Kanye’s most recent emotional overflow. You’ll see why it deserves more than the many dismissive “he’s crazy” comments.  Lastly, I’ll compare the similarities between the feeling of breaking down vs. awakening, as experienced by myself, and many others along the path of self-healing. 

Leading up to his Awakening

Is it an album promotion? The stress of running for President, (if he’s serious)? Perhaps it’s a combination of different emotions and traumas bubbling over for Kanye West?
Explaining why he’s against abortion, Kanye West screams “I almost killed my daughter” at a campaign rally.  He and wife Kim Kardashian West discussed terminating her pregnancy with their first child for several months. West describes the situation where he was “in the apartment (in Paris), where my wife was actually robbed” when “the screen went black and white, and God said, ‘If you f*** with my vision, I’m going to f*** with yours. And I called my wife, and she said, “We’re gonna have this baby.” I said, ‘We’re gonna have this child”.

Let’s remove ourselves from the politics of the right to life/abortion for a moment.  It’s easy to see how any parent can become emotional at the idea of their child not existing. The fact that they spoke about terminating the pregnancy for months, (to the point that she had the pills), can make it that much more emotional. The idea that your precious child’s life was something you thought about ending, easily adds a whole other layer of emotion.

Looking in the mirror can stir an overflow of emotion.

Looking in the mirror can stir an overflow of emotion, making it hard to distinguish a breakdown from an awakening.

So is this a justifiable topic for assuming someone needs to “get on meds?”  Here’s what my “battle-tested empath” spidey senses tell me.  It looks like the perfect storm has been brewing within Kanye for years. Beginning with the unexpected passing of his mother Donda West in November 2007, he began dating wife Kim Kardashian West in 2012 and had the first of their four children in 2013. We’ve seen Kanye have outbursts on everything from interrupting Taylor Swift’s MTV Music Award acceptance speech to say that she’s not worthy, to beefing with fellow rapper Jay-Z in 2016 when on stage he declares, “I’ve been sent here to give ya’ll my truth even at the risk of my own life, even at the risk of my own success, my own career.”

Thin Line Between Breakdowns and Awakenings

Despite it all, I don’t believe that Kanye is necessarily going crazy. I think that Kanye West is going through a spiritual awakening.  Also, he seems to be dealing with parts of himself resistant to the beginning of a healing journey. One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about healing and awakenings is that suddenly life becomes rainbows and butterflies. You become a sort of Disney princess that walks outside, and small woodland creatures flock to sing and dance with you.

Those of us who have experienced an awakening and are self-healing know better. It can feel more like intense mourning for the death of something. You may finally see certain people for who they are, no longer denying their intentions, (yourself included). You might see that your reality has been so manipulated by others, that everything you’ve built upon that lie, is also a lie. Often, the only answer is to demolish and rebuild your life piece by piece with increased self-awareness.

Breakdowns and awakenings may hurt, but can lead to building a life that truly aligns with your spirit.

Breakdowns and awakenings may hurt but can lead to building a life that truly aligns with your spirit.

As a new version of you emerges, (drawing much needed red lines), connections become severed. It feels heavy when the true intentions of those you consider friend or family come to light. There’s the burden of seeing things for what they indeed are. It creates a tremendous gap between yourself and those around you still operating in a reality from which you’ve awakened. Explaining what you’ve learned usually earns a blank stare, and eventually, you grow apart.

When Your Lifestyle Discourages Awakenings

With evidence confirming the worst of the Hollywood and elite class, Kanye may be experiencing a spiritual uprising. There may be things beyond considering aborting his child begging to be publically acknowledged. With proof of extremely bizarre ritualistic practices (Bohemian Grove recordings), and the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, (which seems to have Hollywood eerily silent), who knows what Kanye’s soul is processing.

Kanye may be in the least supportive businesses for personal growth or spiritual awakenings. The extravagant lifestyle and convenience can become addicting to anyone. We’ve seen his sister in law Kourtney deal ungracefully with the demands of celebrity. (Read about the lessons learned from Kourtney and Kim’s brawl here). There’s undoubtedly much at stake in Kanye’s career, family, spirituality/faith, and personal fulfillment. It will be interesting to see what he does going forward.

Whatever the case is with Kanye, I pray that he finds a space where he feels comfort and support during the growing pains of self-awareness. Have you experienced painful but necessary breakdown or awakening in your life? Share what your experience felt like in the comments.

Listen to the podcast episode here.

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