Creating a Success Mindset

Tips to create a success mindset.

How to Deal With Regret

How to Deal With Regret From grade school, we learn that mistakes, (and enough of them), equal failure.  Mistakes carry a weight that’s heavy on our shoulders, keeping us reluctant to step outside our comfort zones.  Many of us deal with regret in self-destructive ways (causing a pileup of regrets).  Some mistakes surprise us, just…

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How to Hold Yourself Accountable With no Motivation

The Motivation Myth Stopping You From Holding Yourself Accountable We often use motivation as a general statement.  “I have no motivation today.” This idea of motivation makes it harder to hold yourself accountable. It’s a bullshit claim.  Motivation is a general desire or willingness to do something.  Lacking motivation isn’t the issue. The direction our…

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Taking Responsibility is a Boss Move

Taking Responsibility is a BOSS Move Do you feel like a dog with its tail between its legs when it’s time to hold yourself accountable?  Perhaps you fidget when it becomes clear that you had a role in a messy situation?  Do you retreat, leaving a bridge burnt to the ground, or do you take…

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How to Bounce Back From Failure

The Perception of Failure is the Scariest Part Few things sting like failing at something.  Marriage, parenting, education, and entrepreneurship are some of the obvious heavy failures that cut deep.  How many little failures, like tests throughout your education do you recall failing?  Considering one of the definitions for failure is “lack of success,” it’s…

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Asking For Help Enables Success

Asking For Help Have you ever delayed getting something you need because you couldn’t bring yourself to ask for help?  If you’re like me, you may stare right into the face of sabotage rather than bring yourself to reach out for help.  Just before Christmas, I had an exchange with a local homeless woman who…

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