Law of Attraction

Tips to make the law of attraction work in your favor.

Get His Attention, and Keep Him Chasing You

Get His Attention by Tapping Into Your Inner Cat I’m guilty of bending over backward for my significant others (despite their taking advantage of that desire to please).  With a healthy dose of self-awareness, I broke that nasty fourteen-year pattern (going from doormat to Goddess).   Recently, a rather funny “AHAAA” moment hit me.  The turning…

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Manifest What You Want When Working With Others

Manifesting What You Want I have the honor of crossing my most significant physical manifestation off of my vision board.  Not only did I manifest the most substantial tangible goal on my vision board, but I broke through my husband’s fixed mindset.  Lord knows manifesting around our mental blocks is difficult, but there are situations…

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Taking Responsibility is a Boss Move

Taking Responsibility is a BOSS Move Do you feel like a dog with its tail between its legs when it’s time to hold yourself accountable?  Perhaps you fidget when it becomes clear that you had a role in a messy situation?  Do you retreat, leaving a bridge burnt to the ground, or do you take…

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Carry Yourself to Attract Abundance

Carrying Yourself to Attract Abundance Do you carry yourself in a way that confidence and self-respect ooze out of you, or do you carry yourself in a manner that makes you and your awesomeness shrink?  The way you walk, talk, gesture, posture, make eye contact, handshake, put yourself together, is all part of your resume. …

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Social Media Can Lower Your Vibes

Social Media Knows How to Tempt You If you’re like me, you’re on social media more than you’d like to admit. It starts with wanting to keep in touch with friends and family (harmless enough). It quickly becomes a slippery slope, (into bots and algorithms), knowing precisely how to distract us.  With the increase of negative…

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