Intuition is the Most Ignored Gift

You have something that Steve Jobs once called more powerful than intellect. It’s so powerful that our military continues to investigate it. I think of it as a divine gift we’re all blessed with to know something before having tangible evidence. Intuition is such an essential yet underused asset, I’m sharing three tips for connecting to your intuition to make better decisions.

When Intuition Saved my Life

My high school boyfriend and I were together from sixteen to about twenty-seven. A welcome distraction from my parent’s marriage drama, I poured everything I had to offer into this relationship. Being a clueless and idealistic kid (aren’t we all at some point?), I thought I could create the family dynamic I desperately wanted. Throughout the relationship, he and his definition of me became my identity.

In the tenth year of what became a narcissist abuse relationship, I went snooping for evidence of his repeated cheating. I found something that disturbed me to my core. It was a receipt for my engagement ring. After ten years of trying to prove myself worthy, it was happening. My reaction wasn’t what I could ever imagine. My gut sank into my shoes. 

Intuition and self-awareness are your trusted internal navigation systems.

Intuition and self-awareness are your trusted internal navigation systems.

This feeling wasn’t completely foreign. I felt my intuition numerous times during our relationship. This is a quick post on why we often ignore our intuition. In dreams, and looking at his behaviors, my gut would whisper. For years I found it easy to ignore what my intuition was telling me. This time, however, felt as though God and the universe were making sure I knew the relationship would never get better, and that ultimately, he wasn’t for me.

Connecting to Your Intuition

Often we have moments where we feel our “Spidey senses” kick in about something and choose to ignore it. With distractions at every turn and easy to access (hello Netflix), we’re fighting an increasingly difficult battle. Start connecting to your intuition with these three actionable tips now!

Connect to Your Intuition Through Boredom

We do the math all wrong with this one. It’s easy to believe that a full schedule equals fulfillment. We pack every nook and cranny of our lives, (and even our children’s) with to-dos. When we don’t have something penciled in on the calendar, we turn on the T.V, or log into social media (often both at the same time)!

Boredom does wonders for connecting to your intuition.

Boredom does wonders for connecting to your intuition.

The bragging rights we think comes with multitasking is suffocating our intuition. We forget what it is to allow our minds to wander. My best ideas have come to me when I’m sitting on my rear end, tea in hand, doing absolutely nothing. This is when reflection happens, whether intended or not. If you want to hear your intuition, you must find enough silence to listen to it.

Connect to Your Intuition by Being Present

So this tip pairs perfectly with the first tip of allowing yourself to be bored. I’ve often found myself fiddling with my phone when out alone and feeling socially awkward. That distraction stopped me on many occasions, from tuning into my surroundings. I missed out on being present and in the moment.  

One cold morning my car stranded me. After walking many long blocks, I quit grumbling to myself long enough to catch something amazing. A sparrow flying with paper had the paper blown out of her mouth, flew against the wind, and recaptured it mid-air. My gratitude hit the roof after witnessing that precious message that even the sparrows have their problems, but push forward to get the job done.

Your intuition is the closest thing you have to a crystal ball.

Your intuition is the closest thing you have to a crystal ball.

Stop fiddling with your phone and other distractions taking you away from the moment. Experience awkward silence and give the situation your full attention anyway. Don’t be so quick to find something to take your mind off of another thing. Be present so you can learn how your intuition allows you to navigate different situations.

Connect to Your Intuition by Moving Your Body

I’m sure you’re familiar with the mind-body connection. My first step in healing from over a decade of toxic relationships was weight training. One of the reasons we don’t listen to our intuition is because we don’t trust ourselves. Many of us aren’t in a deeper level of self-awareness, making it easy to believe that the answers are outside of ourselves. 

A challenging physical activity that allows you to experience incremental progress is one of the best ways to awaken self-awareness and intuition. It forces you to pay attention to your body in terms of how it looks, performs, and how it feels (the difference between healthy limits vs. pain and possible injury). This awareness offers a powerful kick-start to connecting to your intuition. 

Challenging yourself physically deepens your mind-body connection, making it easier to tap into your intuition.

Challenging yourself physically deepens your mind-body connection, making it easier to tap into your intuition.

When Intuition Knocks, Answer

The road to making better decisions isn’t easy, but it’s also not as intimidating as you think. Your intuition is already within you. The issue with intuition isn’t that you lack it. It’s a matter of learning how to access it. Now that you have three of my favorite tips to connect to your intuition, you’re ready to become a human antenna tuning into and making better decisions based on the information you receive.

For a great post on what self-awareness is and how you can develop a deeper level, read this post. As I touch on in this post, greater self-awareness allows us to connect to and trust our intuition (as well as create fulfillment in all parts of life). 

To listen to the podcast episode with even more tips for connecting to your intuition and why we often ignore our intuition, give this episode a listen.

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