Self-Care, With Zero Time

The Problem Within the Solution

Are you tired of being told you have to add x,y, and z, to your crammed schedule, in the name of self-care?  You already don’t have time to breathe (a huge reason why you need the damn self-care, to begin with). 

Now you’re encouraged to up the crazy, in the name of self- care?  Riddle me that!  There is a way of rocking your self-care like a ninja so that it seamlessly weaves itself into your everyday activities, (without having to cancel, switch, or pencil anything extra in).  With this self-care trick I’m sharing with you, you can rock self-care, even if you have zero time.

Bath Bombs, Pedicures and Massages, Oh my!

Long baths with glittery, scented bath bombs, fizzing slowly, to release a beautiful fragrance.  A pedicure with gentle, yet forceful kneading and exfoliating.  Massage with warm essential oils and smooth hot stones. 

Can’t you slide right out of your chair thinking about all this luxurious pampering?  But there’s just one problem.  You may not have the time or money to indulge in these types of activities.  Even more affordable activities can become a burden.

When I decided to give self-care advice an honest go, it went something like this.  As I sink into a hot tub and enjoy my little toiletries, my “to do” list runs frantic laps through my mind. 

Rather than feeling relaxed, I begin to feel restless and even a bit resentful of the bath I’m supposed to be blissfully intoxicated by.  When I squeezed in the pedicure and massage, my appointments ran behind, leaving me anxious (although I quickly forgot about it five minutes into my massage).

Rocking self-care goes beyond picturesque bath scenes.

Rocking self-care goes beyond picturesque bath scenes.

Here’s the real kicker.  Within the first hour of being back home with the kids, and the dizzying list of “to do’s,” (including homework, cooking, catering to, refereeing, bathing, and my work), the tension slams right back into me.

Rocking Self-care With Zero Time

There has to be a better way,” I thought. That’s when the idea of an intersection hit me.  We often think we’re doing ourselves justice by creating “compartments” for the different parts of our lives.  Keeping things separate feels efficient and orderly (the way we attempt to keep our homes). 

With a healthy dose of self-awareness and reflection, you may realize (as I did), that it doesn’t work for every situation.  Self-care is undoubtedly one of those situations where creating a new folder, so to speak, adds to the chaos.

To rock self-care with zero time, you have to simplify your approach.  Sprinkling your self-care into your routine, (through the power of intention), allows you to apply self-care to whatever you already have on your overflowing to-do list. 

For example, let’s say grocery shopping is on your agenda.  Re-imagine the whole chore.  It’s not just food shopping.  You’re grabbing healthy, yummy recipes off Pinterest and surprising your family, as well as treating yourself to new flavors.  The food you cook is being selected, and prepared with loving intentions, to nourish you and your family. 

Perhaps sprinkling self-care into your food shopping is going to a grocery store you enjoy shopping at, (I’m a Stew Leonard’s lover myself).

Maybe you sprinkle the self-care into that chore by spending a little more money, to take advantage of pre-made and easy to heat foods.  It can also look like grocery shopping without the kids; a pit stop to grab a pair of shoes you can’t take your mind off of, or blasting the radio to and from.

Infuse self-care into the things already on your busy schedule.

Infuse self-care into the things already on your busy schedule.

Laundry on your list?  Throw in fabric softener and scented dryer sheets.  Get your clothes hung so that they’re crisp and fresh when you wear them.  You’re setting yourself up to look, smell, and feel your best when you put these clothes on. 

Your intention in those minute extra details adds a self-care aspect, to a chore you already had to do.  You can even treat yourself by sending laundry out once a month, (removing it entirely from your list).

If cleaning the house (my least favorite), is what you’re gearing up for, throw some great music on, listen to a podcast, or listen to an audiobook.  Burn some incense, or diffuse some essential oils (cautionary note that essential oils are poisonous to cats). 

Proclaim that as you clean and clear your physical space, you’re giving your mental clarity a reboot as well.  Open your windows, use non-toxic cleaners. 

After you finish, sit down and practice deep breathing, taking in the fresh, organized space around you.  Potential germs and viruses defeated, preserving you and your family’s health.  Conversely, you can jump, on a site like Tackl, or Angie’s List, or Groupon, and treat yourself to the occasional outsourcing of that chore as well.

Your Self Care Options

The bottom line when it comes to your self-care is that it should preserve your sanity, not push you over to the edge!  Saving the massages, acupuncture, manicure/pedicure, for when you can escape for the day, makes it feel more lavish and prolongs the relaxed vibes. 

Being self-aware enough to know what makes you feel taken care of will help you rock your self-care like every day.  Since there are so many great self-care suggestions out there, you can check out this post on how to use your intuition for self-care that fits you.

How’s your self-care going? Comment with your tips and tricks for rocking self-care with zero time.









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