How to Silence Opinions and Achieve Your Goals

 Self-Awareness Silences the Noise

Going after your goals takes guts. There are all sorts of mental and even physical hurdles between yourself and your desired outcome. Overcoming these hurdles is especially tricky when everyone and their mother burden you with their two cents on what you should be doing. Here’s how self-awareness helps you silence the opinions of others so you can fearlessly achieve your goals.

The Foundation For Success

You can’t have an impressive, soaring skyscraper without a sturdy foundation. Self-awareness is the sturdiest foundation that you can build your life and dreams upon. It offers you the balance, strength, and resiliency to stand firm when the winds threaten to blow you off track.

Solid self-awareness breeds self-respect, self-love, and confidence. Embracing your strengths and weaknesses allows you to push toward your dreams confidently. 

As a domestic abuse survivor, I can speak to the fact that there are times that others will try to manipulate you for their selfish gain. One of the most common ways they go about doing this is feeding you a false narrative of who you are, making you feel unworthy and easy to manipulate.

Self-awareness gives you strong roots so that outside opinions don't blow you off your path.

Self-awareness gives you strong roots so that outside opinions don’t blow you off your path.

With firm roots in self-awareness, nobody can exaggerate your weaknesses and use them against you. There’s power in knowing who you are, accepting that you’re a work in progress, and loving yourself anyway.

 The Best Defense Against Insecurities

At thirty-six with a two-year-old and nine-month-old, I left my safe career in the medical field. My husband thought I was crazy. Wrapping his head around leaping from a sure thing into the unknown was impossible.

While my husband wanted me to succeed, he had an odd way of showing it. For a while, I dealt with discouraging and even insulting remarks from his fixed mindset. I’ve come to understand it was less about his faith in my abilities and more about his own experiences.

My husband comes from hard-working immigrant parents. They instilled the idea that a bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush. What I was embarking on appeared selfish, and foolish. So you see, you don’t just have your insecurities and mindset to overcome. You have the insecurities and mindset of those around you to overcome as well.

The Opinion Towards Mothers

Unfortunately, many believe that when motherhood begins, the mom’s life ends. Believing that motherhood should give us everything we need backs us into a corner. We begin to feel like ungrateful, selfish failures if our cups don’t runneth over with fulfillment as mothers. I call bullshit. For me, motherhood magnified my need for personal satisfaction and fulfillment outside of running a household.

Self-awareness helps you create fulfillment in all aspects of life.

Self-awareness helps you create fulfillment in all aspects of life.

The gap between being a career-hoping late-bloomer, to mother, entrepreneur, author, and self-awareness facilitator was vast! Yet, nothing has made me feel as alive as this personal growth journey.

Your life, your rules!

It takes tremendous self-awareness to continue to bet on yourself when the world looks at you like you’re crazy. The sad truth is that most people want you to stay in your lane! Your growth makes them uncomfortable for all sorts of reasons.

The fact that you will succeed at having it all challenges what they learned and have limited themselves to. It all starts with building self-awareness. From there, you have all that you need to silence the opinions of others so that you can achieve your goals.

Keep going!

Self-awareness silences the opinions of others so that their insecurities and fears don’t become your road-blocks. For some of the best personal growth tips touching all aspects of life, join my email list for SPAM-free, actionable self-improvement nuggets.  

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Wishing you the courage to begin and the resiliency to keep going!

Lisa Latimer


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