Intuition For Better Self-Care

Use Your Intuition for Better Self-Care

Have you rolled your eyes as a glittery bath bomb fizzles in the tub during a sacred “self-care” session?  Did your back massage leave you more tense than relaxed? If you’ve ever annoyed after indulging in a sworn by piece of self-care advice that was more of a flop, you’re not alone. It seems as though we’re given a million tips for practicing self-care (something as unique as our individual needs). However, it’s never suggested that we use our intuition for better self-care. 

After all, who knows you better than you?! Self-care can be excellent when done right.  The truth is that the perfect self-care for you is simply a matter of using your intuition.  Here’s how you can use your intuition for better self-care.

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