New Year’s Resolutions

My last twenty new year’s resolutions have included the ambitious goal of achieving six-pack abs.  At 41, I’m no closer to those abs, than a BRAVO Real Housewife is to being filler-free.  Each new year we enthusiastically set out to hit one or more targets. 

According to an article in the NY Post, most of us give up on those goals by the end of January.  According to a University of Scranton study, eight percent of us achieve our new year goals, while eighty percent of us are left wallowing in defeat.  Keep reading to learn how to set your new year’s resolutions and follow-through.  Here’s exactly what you’ll get from this post.

  1. See the most popular new year’s resolutions.
  2. Discover five unique resolutions, (that don’t pop up on Google search), powerful enough to create a positive snowball effect in every part of your life.
  3. Learn smart goal setting tips, to fulfill your intentions.

Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions

It seems as though I’m not the only one desiring a more appealing body aesthetic. According to, the top five resolutions are:

  1. Diet / Healthier eating (71%)
  2. Exercise more (65%)
  3. Lose Weight (54%)
  4. Save more / spend less (32%)
  5. Pick up a new skill/hobby (26%)

With my husband one month into his stroke recovery, I fully appreciate why the numbers are so heavy in the top 3 spots.  Do your intentions fall within the top five?  Now that you’ve satisfied your curiosity to know which resolutions rank at the top, it’s time to discover five unique resolutions, powerful enough to create maximum forward momentum, in every aspect of your life.

Powerful New Year’s Resolutions, Impacting Every Aspect of Life

Wanting to look better in a bikini, or not caving in when your ex randomly texts you, are fine and dandy.  However, we get more bang for our efforts by setting goals powerful enough to positively influence multiple aspects of our lives.  The following goals do the heavy lifting of spreading fulfillment through our entire existence

Become more self-aware

Self-awareness is the conscious knowledge of our character, feelings, and desires. You’re the secret sauce in your life.  It makes sense that self-awareness is a necessity for creating maximum impact within your life. 

We often waste time, resources, and energy, chasing goals that don’t resonate with us.  Understanding what fulfills us, helps us get our goals right the first time around.  Self-awareness thus creates a direct path toward achieving our goals. 

Imagine what you could accomplish having your time, energy and resources laser-focused on the right goals for you.  Dive deeper into self-awareness, and how it improves every aspect of your life here.

Develop Positive Self-Talk

Research shows that as much as 77% of our thoughts are negative.  Our constant internal dialogue either leads us toward success, or failure. Thanks to neuroplasticity, we can re-wire our brains, by becoming conscious and deliberate with our self-talk.

I compare it to the movie Rocky. You’re the trainer conditioning your positive self-talk to knock out your negative self-talk every time.

Positive self-talk keeps us in growth, rather than a fixed mindset.  This allows us to be solution-oriented, rather than paralyzed by obstacles.  It’s important to free ourselves from our negative inner voice that uses our insecurities, to sabotage our ambitions.       

The last five years of deliberate positive self-talk have been such a game-changer, that I created a full course on the Teachable platform. See what others have to say about The Art of Positive Self-Talk here.

Stick to your New Year's Resolutions in 2020.

Stick to your New Year’s Resolutions in 2020.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Holding ourselves accountable is liberating.  Though it’s initially anxiety-provoking, holding yourself accountable is a bold testament of your power. It acknowledges that the ability to change an outcome is possible and within your control.  

A TIME article by Alexandra Sifferlin titled Blame Game: Why we Hate Feeling Guilty, notes that when we do something which causes negative consequences, we feel less responsible for our actions. 

Achieving your goals becomes easier when you take responsibility, spending less time blaming, and more time making the necessary adjustments. To see how holding yourself accountable is a BOSS move, read this article.

Engage in Challenging Physical Activity

The following quote by Jillian Michaels makes the argument for the importance of pushing ourselves physically.  

When you feel strong and you accomplish something physical that you didn’t think you were capable of, your heart and mind open up to many possibilities that previously felt out of reach in other areas of your life”. 

Let’s not forget those top three new year’s resolutions.  When you tap into your mind/body connection something powerful happens.  A shift happens when you go from “I can’t do 2 push-ups”, to cranking out ten push-ups.  Triumph on one front leads to triumph on others.

Win With the Attitude of Gratitude

Finding gratitude is difficult when we’re conditioned to repeat cycles of negative thinking.  It helps to acknowledge and forgive your frustrations.  Wanting more isn’t a problem.  Your energy around what you currently have is the problem.  The second step is to decide to acknowledge what you do have to be grateful for.  That may take a shift in perception.

I hated our cramped, old apartment in the overcrowded borough of Queens. However, I’m grateful for the fire it created, to dive into my entrepreneurial endeavors.  

Studies show that gratitude also improves physical and psychological health, increases mental strength and improves self-esteem. Take the time to create silver linings around your clouds.

Now that you have five powerful resolutions to add to your 2020 ambitions, let’s look at some smart goal setting tips, to help you hit your targets.

Approach your New Year's Goals with a strategy.

Approach your New Year’s Goals with a strategy.

Smart Goal Setting Tips

  1. Make sure the goals you want to achieve are important to you.  It’s incredibly easy to fail at accomplishing goals that we “want” when we want them for the wrong reasons. 
  2. Journal your progress.  On the days/weeks that you don’t notice obvious progress, you can look at lessons you’ve learned, new skills you’ve developed, and more.
  3. Don’t hang out with slackers.  People who are used to not meeting goals have a way of infecting us with their comfort in stagnation.  Before you know it, you’re using self-deprecating humor to excuse another unmet goal.  To avoid defeat by lack of motivation, read this post for some of my favorite tips to keep forward momentum.
  4. Make your “why” heavy and specific.  The most successful people have the type of “whys” that make them, and their role in this world momentous, (compared to those of us wading in the puddles of mediocrity).  Quit making what I call dandelion resolutions.
  5. Practice deliberate self-talk when setting your goals.  This step reinforces the roots of goals, so they don’t blow away with the breeze.  For example, would you rather lose ten pounds to look hot on vacation, or would you rather reduce your blood pressure and body fat, adding seven active years to enjoy?
  6. Change your perception of failure. The greatest minds failed brilliantly before blowing through their goals.  If you allow failure to stop you, you will ultimately fail.  Looking at failure as an opportunity to change your approach, allows you to succeed.  Read this post to flip the switch on failure.


Now that you know the most popular new year’s resolutions, have a list of unique, powerful resolutions, and actionable tips for achieving them, you’re set to face your loftiest 2020 goals. Share your goals, and which tips you’ll be using to achieve your new year’s goals in the comments below. Give this post a like and share if you found it helpful.


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2 comments on “New Year’s Resolutions Worth Keeping

  1. Great post Lisa! I am typically not making New Year’s resolutions but I have started to make them for my business. But then I guess I should call them goals. I like the ideas of a strong why because it helps me cull out the frilly stuff that has no purpose.

    1. lilatimer05 says:

      Thank you Jenni! I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions either but have found success in self-aware goal setting, and setting goals as needed. Having a why that runs deep is a tremendous plus.

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