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Self Acceptance and Wellness Travel
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I’m thrilled to have Jackie Roby, chief excellence officer at Inspired Journey Consulting. Jackie is a diversity equity inclusion advocate with over 19 years of experience in travel and hospitality sales. Her mission is to empower marginalized people to be their authentic selves. Thank you so much for joining us this morning, Jackie.


[00:00:57.760] – Jackie Roby

Oh, absolutely. I’m so grateful to be here.


[00:00:59.910] – Lisa Latimer

So I really, really do like the idea of using travel as a tool for inclusion. I think so many times we just think of travel as going off and having fun, especially when we’re younger. o to create the the cultural awareness, I’m wondering, what have you seen happen, the different types of shifts that you’ve noticed when people get outside of their bubble?



So a big piece of that is really setting the intention to have a mindset shift, because I know that through many of my travels, I can see kind of a before and after of going with a feeling of almost entitlement.


[00:01:48.540] – Jackie Roby

And I think it’s really easy to fall into that. We don’t have a lot of time specifically as Americans to take off. We’re investing our money. And so there’s almost even though it’s a place of relaxation and excitement, there’s almost pressure put on this time.


[00:02:04.950] – Jackie Roby

And I’ve seen when we travel and we say, oh, this wasn’t enough, this wasn’t enough. This I didn’t like this made me uncomfortable instead of going with the intention of something bigger. And usually when you’re looking at a space of inclusion, you want toopen-minded be open minded, to learn and understand that can look like so many different things that can look like I personally love history. So researching the culture and history before I go, so I can see elements of it throughout going to museums or art galleries, talking to the people they are, and not just asking what you should go and se.


[00:02:44.250] – Jackie Roby

Or recommending a restaurant or recommending a show.


[00:02:48.710] – Jackie Roby

Yeah, even something simple, because I think we get very stuck in these basic questions that we tend to ask everyone. But what if you ask what is bringing you joy today? That’s an amazing way tunderstand things. I am less likely to look at anything that has a big brand around it and go for something that is more boutique, local, culturally immersed. So that way you can feel and know where you are and you’re supporting and you’re giving money back into that community. And I think so much of what we’ve seen in the past year really shows the value of supporting local.


[00:03:25.950] – Jackie Roby

We can all see how our jobs are impacted.


[00:03:28.950] – Lisa Latimer

Yes, I know when I’ve traveled, I’ve gone on and it’s been quite a while now, so I forget the website, but it’s like one of those or whatever, or TripAdvisor is the one. And but when you go on TripAdvisor and you look for like the things to do on TripAdvisor, you come away with the same generic experience that everyone else has had. But when you say go up to a local and even not just ask them what makes them happy, but where do you go to feel peace you know, like those those places that only a local could tell you outside of the dining experience and the theatrical experience?


[00:04:07.980] – Lisa Latimer

I think that that’s amazing to just go up. I did that in Saint-Martin years ago. We befriended the guy that was our taxi driver and he recommended this little restaurant that it wasn’t really a restaurant. It was it looked like someone’s shed and there were animals running around. The people were the nicest people and it was the best food that I ever had in my life. And just the best one of the best dining, I guess some people wouldn’t consider it a dining experience, but it was a hell of an experience.


[00:04:41.970] – Jackie Roby

Oh, my gosh.


[00:04:42.810] – Jackie Roby

That I can honestly taste the flavors right now. And I think if we if we look at it in comparison, that’s like our version of a food truck.


[00:04:51.510] – Lisa Latimer

Yes. So I love that idea of talking to the people, not talking to the resort, people that work on the resort and getting off of the resort a bit and having those more authentic experiences.


[00:05:03.840] – Jackie Roby

Or when you’re talking to the people at the resort, asking them outside of your city, what do they want to really having those conversations and even before your trip? Yes, there are so many travel planners, travel advisors, retreat leaders, travel designers that specialize in this space, so they’re going to be able to tell you those things and save you so much time and stress, and I am all about trusting the experts to take off stress.


[00:05:29.710] – Lisa Latimer

Yes. And we’re actually going to get into that a little bit later in the conversation. One of the reasons that I was so thrilled when we met and when we chatted a little bit is because we have quite a few things in common. And one of those being that we’re both women of color who had to navigate growing up in Long Island, New York, which I actually I love, and set up my home and my family here. But it was noticeably more segregated back when we were growing up in it.


[00:05:55.930] – Lisa Latimer

So I grew up in Hempstead and that was mostly black and Hispanic. And so everywhere I looked, I had people that looked so much like me. When I wore my hair curly, no one looked at me like I was crazy or just another girl with curly hair. Right. And then I we moved and I went to Carrie High School for one year in Franklin Square, which was predominantly white. And then luckily we got settled in our home and I was able to finish up at Sewanhaka High School, which was a lot more diverse.


[00:06:22.750] – Lisa Latimer

So what was your experience like growing up in Long Island then? And how do you think that that impacted your company’s mission?


[00:06:31.420] – Jackie Roby

So I grew up in Garden City Park Garden City. People make a lot of confusion. But it wasn’t the rich neighborhood. It was the Italian neighborhood next door and close to New Hyde Park. And it was predominantly white.


[00:06:45.910] – Jackie Roby

And the schools that I went to were white. I remember some students of Indian descent and I thought that was it. I had never even seen anybody black. There were maybe one or two other kids that were Latina. But outside of that, just white. Yep. And I didn’t know any different. I knew the food that we cooked at home. We didn’t learn the language. That was something that Dad didn’t teach us. His parents spoke fluently and I’m sure he had his reasons.


[00:07:21.610] – Jackie Roby

I think if we really were to look and dig deep, I’m sure he experienced a level of unconscious bias and trapped us in a certain way. But we were told very consistently that we were white and my mom is. But in all actuality, if you look at historically and somebody would say if they had a drop of any color in their blood, they were not white. Right.


[00:07:44.680] – Jackie Roby

So it was really confusing. And I compared myself in the wrong way.


[00:07:52.210] – Jackie Roby

I remember wearing these bike shorts, bike shorts came out and they had like a neon green something. They all had neon stripes.


[00:08:01.780] – Jackie Roby

And I was so excited to wear them to school. And I was a chubby kid and I wore them and I felt like, yeah, I’m going to be so great. And then there was this girl in class that was a skinny white girl and one of the many and she had the exact same bike shorts. Mortifying. Right. And then but they were like falling off of her. And I looked at them and I thought, oh, my gosh, mine don’t look like that.


[00:08:27.670] – Jackie Roby

I, I must be too fat. I must be too big. I’m wrong. I’m different. I’m why can’t I look this way? And I spent honestly into my 30s feeling that way, not understanding that my body was built by design rights.


[00:08:46.600] – Lisa Latimer

A lot of people who grow up feeling different as kids have their parents and tell them it’s the things that make you different that you’re going to appreciate about yourself when you’re older and that are going to draw people to you when you’re older. But it never feels like that in the moment or does it?


[00:09:02.200] – Jackie Roby

And, we talked a lot in my house around genetics, right? We were a bigger family. That’s just naturally how it is. Jackie, I just got to, you know, try this diet. We’ll try this diet. We’ll try working out here. We’ll try working out there. But then we’ll also celebrate with chocolate and cake and all the good things. Right. Which is all fine.


[00:09:23.620] – Jackie Roby

I love I mean, I love food, but I there was no this is your body’s design this way because you’re a Latina. And culturally, this is just this is how it is. And this is something that’s beautiful about it. So there wasn’t that.


[00:09:40.570] – Lisa Latimer

We’ll look at the people that couldn’t be more polar opposite of us to compare ourselves to.


[00:09:46.510] – Lisa Latimer

And I went through I have pictures of me blond with straight blond hair. And it’s like I had my friends who were full Caucasian that, you know, I’m Italian and black American. And I looked.


[00:10:00.180] – Lisa Latimer

Like more of a white girl before I had gray contact lenses, when I was going to Nassau Community College, I was in my my early 20s and the blond highlights had gotten started at that point. So we’re not good when we’re younger and embracing the things that make us different. And we really do try so hard to blend in to what we see the majority of. And that’s why I really appreciate what you do and I appreciate what everyone does in that cultural diversity space, because I feel like representation is so important.


[00:10:35.490] – Lisa Latimer

Aneven though we still have a ways to go. Right. When we were growing up and looking at the TV, looking at the media and movies and TV shows, we did not I feel like in the last maybe seven years now we see like where every other family in a commercial as a biracial family. Right. And now we’re starting to see, you know, a little a little bit of gender representation being shown. So there’s still a ways to go.


[00:11:04.500] – Lisa Latimer

But, you know, when we were growing up, it was like, where do you where do you turn outside of your own family to see yourself? So that’s why I really appreciate and people that advocate and work hard for representation, because as a young person developing your self-awareness, when you look around and you have some people to look at, that reminds you of yourself and your family, it’s a completely different experience.


[00:11:32.460] – Jackie Roby

I could not agree more.


[00:11:33.840] – Jackie Roby

And you’re right, we didn’t see that. And unless our families were having the conversations, which mine wasn’t, I didn’t know any terminology thought process. I thought, again, I’m white with an olive complexion. And these are while these are part of me, it doesn’t really mean anything, right? Yeah.


[00:11:54.180] – Lisa Latimer

I looked at my mother and father. I never said, oh, my black father and my white mother. It was mom and dad. And, you know, eventually because you hear other people talking or start to feel the looks that you get, but you don’t really, as a kid, know how to process that. You just know something’s kind of off or that someone’s not or someone doesn’t feel really as friendly or approachable as other people feel.


[00:12:19.980] – Lisa Latimer

But you don’t really fully understand why at that point. And, you know, it wasn’t until I got out and saw and heard other people talking about it. And I was like, oh, my family is different. You know, my family is quite a bit different for that time, you know. So it’s interesting how you could have two families and two different stories, you know what I mean? Families talk about it. Some families don’t mention it.


[00:12:43.230] – Lisa Latimer

And I’ve known because I like to say that Puerto Rican people adopted me when I was a kid because of all the cultures when I didn’t quite have my identity down yet.


[00:12:54.000] – Lisa Latimer

It was Puerto Rican people. It started like Hispanic people would kind of open their arms to me. But then because I looked like them, but then I didn’t speak Spanish. So then it was like, OK, now you are not one of us. But I found that at least at that time with the Puerto Rican culture, I looked like them and a lot of them didn’t speak Spanish either. A lot of them, I find that their parents either didn’t teach them Spanish or wanted them to fit in, you know what I mean?


[00:13:23.880] – Lisa Latimer

So you go where you feel comfortable. And that’s where I felt comfortable at the time. And I wish that for everyone, you know, it was so important to feel part of something.


[00:13:35.320] – Jackie Roby

You’re so right.


[00:13:36.450] – Jackie Roby

I mean, I know so funny, in contrast, is being a Latina, being Puerto Rican, I never felt comfortable in the Latin community because I don’t speak Spanish. It made me feel like I didn’t fit it all, just made me really uncomfortable.


[00:13:54.030] – Jackie Roby

And so I you know, I looked around and the majority of my friends were white. It wasn’t until I met my husband, who is a brilliant, handsome, phenomenal black man, and I met some amazing women in the black community.


[00:14:11.100] – Jackie Roby

And I felt like, oh, wow, they’re praising me by praising their outwardly complimenting and praising my body and my looks and making me feel like a queen and a goddess in addition to him. But these women, women going out of their way to do that, I was just shocked, a little uncomfortable at first.


[00:14:34.560] – Jackie Roby

But then like, wow, why have we not all been doing this exactly as women and particularly as women with multicultural backgrounds coming together and embracing people that have that maybe don’t feel like they fit in exactly some place?


[00:14:52.030] – Lisa Latimer

I just feel like it’s always our duty to pay it forward when we see people who are where we once were, you know, to pull them in. And say, I’ve got you, you’re going to get this, you’re going to find your ground, you’re going to find your footing, you know what I mean?


[00:15:05.560] – Lisa Latimer

And like you said, it starts with just even one person that sees it in you and starts giving you permission to embrace the things that you kind of either hid away from or just didn’t appreciate about yourself. It’s amazing how one person can get this huge snowball of positivity going in someone’s life.


[00:15:29.050] – Lisa Latimer

So. Right. I love that feeling. And you carve your space and people respond to that. And then at that point, it transcends, I feel like color or religion or gender preference at that point, once you can confidently walk in your truth and aligned with who you are, that just winds up speaking for itself. You become like a like a light and people are just drawn to that. So I think that’s the most important thing is getting to that point where you have that confidence in who you are, which is exactly what your mission is.


[00:16:03.910] – Jackie Roby

And I love it.


[00:16:05.140] – Jackie Roby

Thank you. Thank you very much. Yeah, that’s where the magic happens.


[00:16:08.710] – Lisa Latimer

It absolutely is. So now that the warmer days are approaching and the world seems to be opening back up, I want to talk travel with you specifically wellness travel, because now we’re combining two things that are so amazingly beneficial and that we’ve really been lacking because it’s been a rough year and self care and wellness are still huge priorities for so many of us. So what’s different about wellness, travel? And what are some tips that you could offer those who want to finally get on that vacation but also want it to be beneficial for their well-being?


[00:16:46.270] – Jackie Roby

Absolutely. So wellness travel, the key difference is that it’s really focusing on your mind, body and spirit. I want to be very clear that is not necessarily said salads or bootcamps or, salads.


[00:17:01.870] – Jackie Roby

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had to convince people, no, come with me. This is so great. I promise you. You know, I love to eat.!


[00:17:08.200] – Jackie Roby

So one of the great things about taking a wellness vacation is that you come back refreshed. You don’t need the vacation from your vacation, you don’t have the plane hangover. You don’t feel bloated.


[00:17:23.020] – Jackie Roby

There’s so many amazing things, just that piece of being invigorated. This is the things that I really love. And you’re going to be nourished by food that fuels your body.


[00:17:38.200] – Jackie Roby

And it’s delicious, right? You have the chance oftentimes to connect with nature. So important spending where you’re going and even, you know, being those of us in the Northeast, even going to places that have you inside. Oftentimes there are in settings that have nature around them. So you’re going to see it through your if you’re going to feel that sitting at a window dining and looking out at the snowcapped trees, you still have that right.


[00:18:09.160] – Jackie Roby

So there are pieces of it and there are outdoor activities that can be done. So there’s that move it and then moving your body in mindful ways. Mm hmm. Yeah. Again, not about it. If that’s for you. That’s cool. Do it.


[00:18:22.270] – Jackie Roby

But there are things like yoga, Qigong, Taichi, and then some. You know, Canyon Ranch is one of my favorites as an example, and they have a million classes. I, I can’t even tell you how many, but all I know is that you can try so many different things. And I took a girlfriend with me one time. I am somebody who loves yoga and meditation. She is like a Crossfit type of person. Oh yes, OK.


[00:18:51.010] – Jackie Roby

And so we did our separate thing, which was great. And then we would meet up in between. She did a class I didn’t I wanted to do but couldn’t. But it was called cardio drumming. Oh OK. She said it was the best workout she’s ever had and it was so fun. And there’s music and there’s just like this great energy with it. So those are the kind of things. And then on the spiritual side for me that has so much to do.


[00:19:13.840] – Jackie Roby

Your spiritual being is a place of peace, the place of feeling connected to your soul and that that mind aspect of it, mind, body, spirit, your mental wellness really comes into play. So there’s different ways that it can benefit you spending where you’re going. There’s things that you can intentionally do, like energy treatments like Reiki might sound healing is something that is so different. These are some good touch free ones, too, that people might be interested in a little cautious.


[00:19:44.950] – Lisa Latimer

Yeah, that’s really interesting. Sound healing. OK, yeah.


[00:19:48.100] – Jackie Roby

So that is known for its benefits. And then there’s also physical things that you wouldn’t expect like I had in the. Using experience at the retreat Costa Rica, where I did infrared sauna treatments, those are individual. This thing covers most of your body except for your head and neck, and it goes so deep into your bones. In the first one I did, it was just like, oh, that was nice. And then the second one, I remember feeling like kind of panicked and wanting the time to go by.


[00:20:19.590] – Jackie Roby

And I couldn’t see what was happening and crying. And then my treatment right after that was lymphatic drainage, which again, physically we know it helps to move things in kind of healthy eating. But I actually had such a release that I was inspired during it and thinking about different ideas for business and being creative. And it was a totally different emotional and mental experience with physical activities. And this is why we trust the healers. Right, to take care of us in that space.


[00:20:49.530] – Lisa Latimer

Right. Of course.


[00:20:50.940] – Jackie Roby

And actually, your last guest, Heather Rider. Yeah. So everything that she does is actually really in line with what you can find in wellness and healing. Travel to what you do as you’re learning ways to take care of yourself.


[00:21:10.350] – Jackie Roby

You can then bring home with you.


[00:21:13.530] – Lisa Latimer

And that’s so amazing because like you said so often, honestly, every time I’ve been on a vacation, it is that exact feeling I need now five days to decompress from this vacation and guilty of being that person. That’s like, OK, let’s do this this day and then this. And then later on we can do this like having it packed with things to do. But I feel like that being able to have like if you’re someone who needs to have something to do, but it can be a relaxing something to do that that is going to tend to your well-being.


[00:21:46.860] – Lisa Latimer

I think that that is amazing.


[00:21:50.130] – Jackie Roby

Maybe even part of that is one of the things you’re doing is taking a hike. Right. So you’re seeing some beautiful landscape and then you’re bringing I don’t know if you need a snack. I’m typically going I’m thinking about snacking.


[00:22:01.950] – Jackie Roby

I like snacks. And you find a spot along your hike to sit and read or write and just be. Yeah. You know, it can go together and slow it down.


[00:22:14.670] – Lisa Latimer

And my husband’s usually the one that wants to find the bar. But I like the idea of slowing down and having a seat someplace outdoors while we’re while we’re hiking or something like that, sitting down and just having some water and just looking and being at peace. And I think I’d have to do a vacation like that with one of my girlfriends because my husband’s a little he likes a little bit of a Routier scene, but I could definitely go for some nature hikes and just and sauna blankets and and all of that good stuff.


[00:22:46.530] – Lisa Latimer

So I was on your website, your work within the wellness, travel and hotel industry. Let everyone know what exactly it is that you do within that within that field.


[00:22:57.540] – Jackie Roby

Sure. So I’m a sales strategist and social media amplifier, so I work mainly as a business with the visionaries. So the people who were behind all of this to really help to guide their message, because I think as we’re having this conversation right now, it’s not as well known. So you’re finding that the other areas of travel or probably where there are a lot of deep pockets. Yes. And so we hear more. So I really want to help them strategize and get the word out.


[00:23:28.860] – Lisa Latimer

So I do that through strategy, through sales strategy with them to make sure that it’s achievable and also through amplifying their voice via social media. So that’s a big piece. And then for consumers, for all of us travelers, because I am somebody who is continuing on their healing journey and has been doing this for over a decade. I have a campaign called Travel Can Heal. And in this space, it’s a social media initiative where travelers can who are in search of support along their journey, can participate and they’ll hear from healers and people in these modalities how travel can support them.


[00:24:09.690] – Lisa Latimer

So it’s really bringing that information together in one space.


[00:24:13.800] – Lisa Latimer

That’s wonderful, because, I mean, even at forty two, when I think of travel, you know, I think of for some reason like Cancun still pops up in my head and drinking and you know, and which you know, that could be fun too.


[00:24:27.090] – Lisa Latimer

But I mean, let’s be honest, I can’t even handle coffee anymore. I had to ditch coffee because I can’t handle caffeine. So that’s that’s amazing that you’re getting the word out there, because I’m sure there are a lot of us that want to have the the getaway and the beauty to look at and that change of scenery, but want to do travel in a way that’s a little bit more suited for where we are in life and for the things that we realize that we need now and that we realize are important, because I think covid has shown us that taking care of.


[00:24:59.490] – Lisa Latimer

Yourself is important, interaction with others is important, but being able to be at peace within yourself and being able to retreat within is also really important. And I feel like this is like the perfect time for that area of the travel industry, wouldn’t you say?


[00:25:19.800] – Jackie Roby

Oh, absolutely. It is definitely trending is more popular with people recognizing is not only the definition of mental wellness. Right. Mental health being something that’s prescribed, mental wellness being where we’re flourishing. Right. And on on the high side is that even if you are not part of a mental health community, you’re still not necessarily flourishing. So this gives you a space to do that. We really need to be aware of that. And travel is a great reset for that.


[00:25:53.340] – Jackie Roby

Yeah. So even if you’re not going to the destination, so let’s say you and your husband are going together, you can still set your stay up moments in it to create that wellness experience.


[00:26:06.530] – Lisa Latimer

I love that.


[00:26:07.290] – Jackie Roby

And I’m sure there are probably a lot of people, a lot of couples that travel where they have to appeal. It has to appeal to both people and from personalities and different needs and wants and expectations. So I think that that is really amazing. So I would love if you let everyone know where they can find you, if you’re the person that wants to go on vacation and they were in the hotel business where they can where they can find you to work with you.


[00:26:33.450] – Jackie Roby

Oh, absolutely. Thank you. So my website. Probably the best way it’s inspired journey consulting dotcom. The Travel Can Heal Page Will is a great place for travelers and hotel partners, people in the industry to sign up and get that information and immediately connect. I’m also very active on Instagram, at inspired journey consulting. 


[00:26:56.430] – Lisa Latimer

And I will have all of that linked in the show notes, of course. Yeah. So, Jacki, I want to thank you so much for joining us today. It’s been a pleasure talking to you.


[00:27:05.490] – Jackie Roby

Thank you. I really love this. Yeah. I feel like a long lost friend.


[00:27:15.090] – Lisa Latimer

. Are you ready to become your most valuable asset book? A free chat with me at Bisa, Latymer Dotcom. From there, you can grab my Amazon bestseller. Who the fuck are you? Increase self-awareness to gain clarity, silence, fear and create fulfillment in life and business. You can also check out my courses, self-aware goal setting and speak it into existence with more courses to come. I’m Lisa Latymer and I’m helping you make personal growth part of your lifestyle.


You can connect with Jackie Roby at:





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