Intro to She’s So Boss Mindset

She's So Boss Mindset
She's So Boss Mindset
Intro to She's So Boss Mindset

It is great to be back with you must be the former beautician at me, but I cannot emphasize how much I love a
good make-over. And that is exactly what I took the summer to do with the podcast, which if you
recall, if you’ve been with me before it was personal growth lifestyle and it is now she so blessed
mindset named after my Facebook group. She so blessed mindset incubator. So today’s episode
is the reintroduction. When it tell you what I learned, the shifts that I had to make, um, in terms of
my mindset to come back and to rebrand, why I decided to do it and what you can expect from
this podcast, which I have to be honest, it’s not going to be so, so different from personal work

So just in case you forgot who I am, because I did kind of fall off the face of the earth
for a minute, at least podcasting wise, I’m Lisa Latimer, business mindset, coach battle-tested
empath, and I help bombshell female entrepreneurs combine the impersonal and entrepreneurial
growth to create success, fulfillment, and impact in life and business.
I have never believed that your personal growth in your entrepreneurial
growth were separate containers of life. They are very much interconnected. In fact, your
entrepreneurial growth and journey is an extension of your personal growth.

So the reason that I took the summer off was because I found myself in that situation that we often do, especially as
coaches, where I was able to help everyone else figure out what they needed and make the
shifts and ask the right questions that got them to dig deeper and understand what they needed.
And then one day I got on a phone call with a good friend of mine, Holly Hughes. She was
actually an amazing guest. She’s an energy healer. And if you didn’t catch her episode that we
did on personal growth lifestyle, still one of the most listened to episodes on here. It’s the
episode about energetically detaching from narcissist abuse. Um, so I highly recommend you go back and listen to that, but we were
talking and she very much wanted to combine per writing and something else. And I suggested
doing a podcast and she had all sorts of ideas in her head about what kind of a pain in the ass a
podcast would be. And I said to her, well, what does a podcast look and feel like for you? She
was like, well, you know, from what I see out there, it’s really expensive. It takes a lot of time,
you know, she made it out to be this huge beast of burden. And I laughed. I’m like, do I hire
someone on Fiverr that does my, for five, it comes up to like $7 per episode. So that’s number
one, not the huge expense that you thought. Um, and I said, you know, there are podcasts out
there now they’re five minutes. You could do a podcast where you kill two birds with one stone where
you make the podcast about your book. And she was like, oh, really? You know, it was kind of
like this head explode moment. And when I got off the phone with her, I had that same head
explosion moment because I was like, holy shit, what I’m telling her is exactly what I need to be
telling myself and doing for myself.

And with that, I came to the conclusion that I needed to take the summer off from the personal growth lifestyle podcast and really get out of the weeds, get out of the muckiness of doing what she was doing, which was looking at other podcasts and
saying, okay, well I need to do it at least once a week. I, it needs to be like 40 minutes at minimum, 30 minutes long.
Speaker 1 00:04:01 I need to have guests. Funny enough when the podcast first started, I
had on the original introduction episode of personal growth lifestyle, I said, it’s mainly going to be
me. You will get an occasional interview episode where I bring on a guest, but I don’t want to be
a podcast that relies on guests because I don’t want to have some Yahoo sitting here, you know,
on zoom with me, just filling up air time. I don’t want to waste your time. And I don’t want to
waste mine. Oddly enough. Once I started to interview people and doing those types of guests
episodes, it became kind of addicting to me. I loved meeting these people and I really have
made some of the most amazing business and just friendship connections through podcasting.

But I’m going to tell you something, what I wound up doing was burning myself out because I had to get out there across multiple platforms and look for podcast guests. And I never would have them just come and record a 45-minute
episode. I would do a 15-minute pre podcast chat with them, which was really time-consuming,
even though it was nice getting to meet them. And then I also had to have them reschedule and,
you know, do the 45-minute podcast interview. So doing all of that on top of picking up more
one-on-one coaching clients over the summer, um, you know, on top of having just finished up
our first full homeschooling year, well, it was a lot and a girl needed a little bit of a break, a little
bit of distance to sit back and breathe. And here’s a shift that I had to make as well. I always tell
my boss, ladies, you should be able to name the top one to three revenue-generating activities in
your business. And when I got honest with myself, as much as I love doing the podcast, it is not
a direct source of income.

And it probably won’t be that for quite a while. And that’s okaybecause I genuinely love coming here and speaking with you and I genuinely love, um, meeting other people and having them on his podcast guests. But I had to realize that I was burning
myself out and something had to go at least temporarily. So I let go of the podcast. I needed time
and space from it to rethink it. And there is nothing wrong with stepping away from something
and coming back to it. And re-imagining it. And I don’t know if this is maybe a little bit of my own
trauma coming out where I just, I don’t feel a sense of attachment to things and projects. I can
start something and if it needs to be completely revamped, whether it’s a book, a podcast, you
know, uh, my business, I have no problem with it.

I used to go by the nickname on Instagram mother of re-invention
because I really don’t develop that sense of attachment, especially my fellow creative writers out
there. I know you all understand what I’m saying. You get very attached to your work, your
characters, and when someone comes in and edits, it’s really difficult to let things go, but I don’t
have that problem. So it was easy for me to say, okay, it’s not going to be personal growth
lifestyle anymore. It’s got to speak more to what I believe in and more to my own personal
journey as well, which is the marriage of the personal growth and development with the
entrepreneurial journey and the entrepreneurial growth and development. So I want to be here
and support you. If you are a boss lady who is either in business or you want to start a business
and you really want that, that personal growth and development and that mindset and
entrepreneurial journey mixed in there with it, because it just makes the journey so much more

There’s actually an amazing quote by Simon Sinek. And if I could take
a second and actually find it out, I’ll tell you, but I needed something that was more of a
reflection of the multiple dimensions in my life and of what I’m living right now, because there are
so many layers to me, and there are so many layers to you. And I just, I really genuinely felt like
recreating this podcast from that angle would be so much more supportive. So this is the quote
from Simon. Sineck who I absolutely love everything. Everything that comes out of this man’s
mouth, he says, excitement comes from the achievement. Fulfillment comes from the journey
that got you there. So I really want this. She so blessed mindset incubator to be that support for
the journey that gets you there. So often we focus on that end goal that we miss all of this magic
that happens in between all of these, all of these micro wins.

The in-between a to Z is where you change a little bit as a person in allof the amazing ways. It’s where you make the connections that, you know, by the time you get to your Z and these people are the people that you just surround yourself with. And kind of really
don’t think twice about that in between is where you meet them. It’s where you start talking to
them and developing a relationship with them and having the privilege of gaining their perception
on different things that in turn contributes to your personal and professional growth and
development. So we miss so much of that when we’re focused on that end goal. So this podcast
is about the journey and it’s about more than just what the strategy can ever do for you. It is about you becoming that more
well-rounded person and entrepreneur. And again, I have worked with so many clients where
they have spent, I would say on average between 10 and $15,000 on business strategy between
masterminds and one-on-one coaching.

And they’ve gotten some okay results where they feel a little more motivated, but they still didn’t have the results in their business where they wanted to be. And they still didn’t have that feeling of fulfillment with their journey. So that’s something that I see
really, really lacking at times. And I want to be that, that person, that you can come to, in that
podcast that you can come to and that Facebook group that you can come to bridge the gap,
um, and make that journey something really special for you and help bring your awareness to all
of the amazing miracles that are happening right under your nose, along that journey. So this is
what you can expect. Also from the podcast, you’ll still get podcasts, guests interviews. They
won’t be nearly as often. I’m not going to hold myself where I was with personal growth lifestyle,
where it was a solo interview, a podcast guest interview, then assault, you know, I was like
alternating and it became a little too much for me, actually, a lot too much for me, if I’m being

So you’ll still get the guest interviews sprinkled in. When I meet someone and collaborate with someone who absolutely lights me up and, you know, I cannot sit on these hidden gems that I find I have to share them. I am not stingy like that. And I never well
baked. So any time I come across a hidden gem, I will bring them here for you to enjoy as well. I
remember my very first coach that I hired myself. She said, don’t have anyone in your same
space or that could be considered like a competitor on your podcast. And do you know what I
did? I fired her immediately not fired her. I just never invested in been working with her again,
because that was a big red flag of someone operating in a scarcity mindset. And I operate in the
complete opposite mindset. I want to share with you.

I want to see you grow the clients that I have my goal with them is to
have them go past me even better. I asked her and to have them so aware and operating so
much in a state of their own natural flow that they don’t have to feel like they need to rely on
coaching. It’s not about creating codependency. It’s about creating this amazing fire under and
within someone and this self-assurance that you help them grow into so that they know that
they’ve got this right without sounding all corn bowl. Like you got this girl, you really do though.
Want them to realize that they’ve got this. So you’ll still get the interviews. I’m still going to have
fun. You know how I like to occasionally pull from, um, whatever’s going on in pop culture,
whatever fuck-ups, they’re having out there. Oh, the celebrities.

I like to bring it here and dissect it and make it a teachable moment.
Right. And I like to have, at the end of every episode, I still have the one to three journal prompts
that help you dig deeper and scratch away at another layer of your self-awareness because that
has not changed. I’m still a huge proponent of journaling. Um, and in fact, in magnetic sole client
attraction program, there is a component of journaling layered into that program. Um, so you will
still find that here on the podcast, at the end of every solo episode, you’ll get those prompts and
you can expect the episodes to be between 15. And I want to say no longer than 25 minutes
long. I, you know, I mean, like to say, I’ll go as long as I feel like it, you know, or as short as I feel
like it, but I want to give you some sense of consistency in terms of, uh, in terms of the time.

And that was another thing I was finding myself because I am well
where the way I was before doing 45 minute podcast episodes, just with myself talking, I wrote
everything out. Like I had to be somewhat scripted because I wanted to make sure I hit all my
points. And, you know, I wanted to make sure I felt some sort of like bullshit pressure to make
sure that I hit my timer. I want she so blessed mindset to flow. Naturally. I want to be in that state
of flow, the same way that I am with homeschooling my kids, the same way that I am with my
coaching practice. I want to be in a state of flow in this the best way you can kind of impress the
importance of something upon someone is to model it. So how am I going to sit there and tell
you and tell my clients the importance of being in a state of flow.

If I am all sorts of, out of whack, it doesn’t make any sense, right? So
you can expect the episodes to being between 15 and 20 minutes long. We will, I’ll be here with
you every other week. So it’s going to be a biweekly episode and what I will do, and this will be
something that’s a little bit more random in between those regular bi-weekly episodes. I have
something in my Facebook group that I qualified minutes to win it. I may throw in between those
bi-weekly episodes of five minutes when it episodes. So a nugget that is meant to get you to hit
the ground running on something that you need to make a mindset shift on. So when they come,
you will see those bonus episodes layered in between the bi-weekly episodes. Um, and that’ll be
the five minutes when it episodes because let’s face it.

You’re busy, right? You’re running around, you’re doing all the things.
And sometimes you just don’t want to be listening to something for 15, even 20 minutes, right?
Sometimes you want that five minute that quick win that quick, listen, that you can easily digest,
turn right around and make shit happen with that nugget. So that is something to look out for.
And outside of that, it’s not going to feel so much different from personal growth lifestyle. So if
you’re rocking with me from personal growth lifestyle, leave a comment and let me know. I
appreciate you following me over. I appreciate you riding it out with me while I took the summer
to get my head together about where I wanted to go with this. And if you are new and you’re just
tuning into the podcast as she’s so blessed mindset welcome, I am so happy to have you.
Speaker 1 00:16:52 I like to focus on what can I talk about that you feel like would really light
a fire under your ass? Let’s put it like that. There are enough people out there asking you what
you’re struggling with, what your pain point is. I don’t want to focus on pain points. I want to
focus on inspiration. I want to focus on growth. I want to focus on positive forward momentum,
and that’s what we’re going to get into here.

So make sure you check out the links in the
comments, because I would love to have you join me over on my Facebook group. She So
Boss Mindset Incubator become another member in that fantastic community. So that’s it for
the intro episode, I will check in with you not next week, but the following week have a great one
and remember, make sure you’re showing your mindset who’s BOSS!



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