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Welcome to She’s So Boss Mindset, I’m your host, Lisa Latimer business mindset coach, and battle-tested empath. This is the first episode where I’m going to be actually doing video and then stripping it and putting the video and audio on YouTube and downloading right to the, um, right to audacity from here as well. So this is an interesting fun experiment. Always, always be testing and always be curious to see about what would happen to you. Something differently. It leads to amazing things. Trust me. So this episode is all about harnessing that new year’s energy now, right smack in the middle of September. What better time of year? I’ve always loved the fall, not just because it’s me and my daughter’s birthday month, but that crisp new, fresh air that rolls in, right. That kind of heavy stagnant humidity that makes it a little harder to breathe.

Speaker 0 00:01:11 It starts rolling out and it just, it has always put me into this more productive, more comfortable in certain ways, but also that crisp, that runs through your body and your bones. That gives you just the perfect amount of chill. It keeps you just uncomfortable enough that you’re out there pushing your limits and testing and doing new things. So I love the fall for so many reasons. Now, something that I really want you to aim for with this upcoming 2022. I want you to make the shift from going into your new year and saying, oh, this is my goal. I want to accomplish this. You know, I want more clients. I want to lose more weight. I want to be rid of this toxic person that I’m with or these toxic people that I’m surrounding myself with. Right? I want you to get into that energy of being in the results, having the results before you go into your new year, if not having the result, then at least being so damn close to the results that you could taste it because it hits different.

Speaker 0 00:02:20 It’s a completely different energy. When you walk into your new year with that results, and you’re able to just sit at your phone, you know, be on social media or wherever, and be able to view all of the obligatory happy new year. What’s your resolution. My resolution is this or my word for the years alignment. Right? Last year it was alignment me and a million other people. And you can sit there and just get this, this little smile, right. And just, and say, ah, that used to be me. I’m already there though. I have the result that I wanted. How much different for you? Would it be to go into your new year, having the results that you want rather than being in the energy of the need and the want of, when you go into your new years with the result, the wind does that come back, can you still fuck it up?

Speaker 0 00:03:13 Sure. You can. There’s a million ways to fuck up, but there’s also a million ways to win. If you go into your new year with the results, you can either coast the rest of the year. Maybe you hit some high energetic points and some more relaxed ones, but you’ll still be good because you’ve already got that main result, right? Or you can blow through your goal and hit goals that you didn’t even think of because maybe at the moment they seem out of reach. You’re a little far-fetched for you, but that’s when you go into your new year with the goal already, not the wants, not the need and certainly not the energy of desperation. So what is it that you can do right now to start getting yourself in that space, where you say, you know, what, what do I want from 2022? What do I not want from 2022?

Speaker 0 00:04:11 I’m kind of giving away the journal prompts and the, and the questions that I usually say for the end that help me dig into a deeper layer of yourself. Awareness that also makes for great journal prompts, kind of getting into them now. But it’s because without having this clarity, this understanding of what you want this understanding for where and who you are now versus where and who you want to be in your 2022, you have to have it. Now. This is the time to start planning and doing and gaining that clarity. Now don’t do what I called the gym, wanted yesterday mentality where, you know, Jim’s pack up two weeks to a month after the new year’s everyone’s in there bulldozing through their resolution to lose weight. They’ve done hardly anything prior to it. If anything, they were out there bingeing on new year’s Eve, whether it’s binge drinking, binge drugging, binge eating, right?

Speaker 0 00:05:09 I’ve been there on new year’s Eve or, or ending up in the bed with someone who they promise themselves. They would never expose themselves and their energy to, again, ending up in that very person’s bed or company on new year’s Eve, bringing in the new energy with that shitty stale energy. So now all of a sudden you’re in there, you’re, you’re going in overdrive to hit your goal. And what happens two weeks in a month in, at the most, the burnout sets in you didn’t get that result fast enough. And now what do you do? Because you’ve done it so many other new years, you Chuck that goal or that resolution right back into the fucking bucket. You know, how many goals did he hear my kidney out? And we just got a kittens. Like he’s like upset that I don’t let him in the room right now.

Speaker 0 00:06:01 He’s a little squeaky. Cause he’s so little. So, you know, I know about chucking goals as the bucket bucket, I was a master of cutting off my nose to spite my face for over 11 years. I know what that shit feels like. And I know that you start to just numb out to it. You get used to not showing up for yourself. It doesn’t hurt you consciously. You joke about it, right? You, you have this self-deprecating humor about it. Like, ah, you know, uh, another year without abs, sorry, you know, carbs are life. Aha. You know, big Macs and all that other shit or life. I don’t want to be too restrictive. You come up with the excuses, you come up with a self-deprecating humor. And so on the outside consciously, it may not even bother you that much. You blow it off, but subconsciously your subconscious, every cell in your body is not laughing at yourself.

Speaker 0 00:07:00 Deprecating humor. Every cell in your body and in your subconscious has stripped away and understands. What’s behind that. Self-deprecating humor and those excuses and you are subconsciously forming that narrative of you. Didn’t show up for yourself. Once again, you’re never going to get this right. You don’t deserve this many. You don’t want to bad enough and you don’t deserve it. That’s what your subconscious mind goes into. That’s what the critical thinking anchor hole in your head starts getting into, right? All the stories, all the bullshit. And then you drag that energy with you into 20, 22 and every other year going forward. So now is the time to start getting clarity and taking action, to get the results that you want for your new years, the resolution that you’re going to make to yourself in the new year. You want to get that shit done. Now I promise you the energy is completely different.
Speaker 0 00:08:13

And then what happens once you get the results of whatever goal you would want to walk into the new year and achieve. Once you get that result before the new year, you now are changing that internal dialogue. And you’re saying to yourself, you know what, last year I didn’t wait until the new year, last year was awesome because I had the results or was so close to the results before the new year and wonder, cause there’s that curiosity thing. I might always, always, always encouraging you to remain curious right of the possibilities. I wonder if I could do that again, this year going into 20, 23 and 2024, so on and so forth. And once you re-establish this new pattern, this new pattern of doing, and then when you’re sitting there and you’re listening to them, soak and complain or trying to make you and themselves laugh with your self-deprecating humor about why they’ve not reached their goals.

Speaker 0 00:09:15 Once again, you can graciously say, are you graciously, left along? Maybe give them a word or two of encouragement. But you know, you have that comfort in you where you know that you’re no longer part of that group. You know, that you’ve broken through that limiting belief, that limiting belief that says I have to wait for the new year, let’s accomplish this big, beautiful goal. It’s bullshit. It’s bullshit. Every Monday I consider every Monday, my mini new year, every Monday, instead of sitting there clinging so desperately to Saturday and Sunday, what would happen for you? If you opened up your energy and opened up your mind to Monday being a mini new year and not only that, but Monday being your warmup. So you pick an activity, that’s going to get you closer to your goal and activity. That’s realistic for you and your life, your schedule, your circumstances, right?

Speaker 0 00:10:21 And you do it now. I’m not talking about, for example, if you want to grow your business, I’m not talking about like, oh, I got more followers or, oh my real gut, you know, more views than it did last week. I’m not talking about vanity metrics. Shit. I’m talking about stuff that outside of making you feel warm and fuzzy actually gets you the most direct route to your goal. So for example, if you want to get along better with your significant other, right. Instead of saying, oh, you know, we snuggled or we, we didn’t bite each other’s heads off today. Maybe want to go for something like, you know what? I started a conversation with my significant other. I asked a question that I sincerely, you know, like, Hey, how are you doing? I asked a question from a place of sincerity and it led to a good conversation and it opened some things up.

Speaker 0 00:11:13 It felt really tense prior if your goal is to get more clients, rather than like I said, sitting there and worrying about the vanity metric bullshit on social media. Why don’t you take the time to engage with the audience that you’ve already cultivated, either in a Facebook group, on your private Facebook page, on your, on your business page or in your Instagram, whatever people that are already following you are already semi warm and or familiar and choose to be in your little corner, your little nook that you have on social media. Why not have a conversation with them? And I don’t mean, I don’t mean some crazy ass spammy, DM or message, but again, be a human. You ask a question, you know, show interests, go through their profile. Oh, I see you do this. I love doing that. Where do you do this? I see you go hiking.

Speaker 0 00:12:05 What’s your favorite spot? You know, finding commonality because conversation and familiarity and that know like, and trust factor, that’s what actually gets you closer to attracting a new client, right? Not because someone just randomly followed you, especially if you go to the account that just followed you and it’s like completely out of left field and the person has like three posts follows 10,000 people and has like 20 followers themselves. That’s just, don’t don’t count that shit. Let’s agree that we can just remove those followers and help our outreach. Right. And do the algorithm of favor and ourselves a favor. So make it meaningful, make it meaningful action that do on a Monday and set yourself up. So that then by Tuesday, you’re warmed up Wednesday. Instead of it being the hump day, you’re in a flow. And if you do at that point, then have a day where you’re a little more low energy it’s okay.

Speaker 0 00:13:06 Or something comes up. I’m a homeschooling mom. So she comes up all the time. It’s okay. When you take advantage of that Monday and treat it like your mini new year that you get every week, right. Because you’ve set yourself up that if one day goes not as intended. It’s okay. It’s okay. And then you have the next Monday, the next little mini new year’s Eve to get should start all over again. So go into your new year with the result, not the need and to help you get into your new year with that result rather than the need, I’m going to be holding. You know, that I’m huge on journaling. If you’ve read my book, one chapter is full. The journal, your journey. I got out of over 10 years of toxic relationships by journaling. And so after that, it helped not just my personal growth, but after about a year of chasing my tail in business, which don’t we all right?

Speaker 0 00:14:02 To some degree it was when I said, Hmm, I wonder if I could take this practice that has pretty much changed my life in terms of my personal life. And I wonder if I could apply it to growing my business. And that’s exactly what I did. So journal your way to 5k in five days, experience is going to be happening Monday, October 4th, at 3:00 PM Eastern time, it’s going to be live streamed into a private Facebook group. There are two tiers is a free tier, which you have the catch live. And then there’s the $47 tier, which you will be in a group. You’ll be able to catch it live stream as well as replays. Um, if you’re not able to make it, it’s five days of real time journaling, real time shifts getting a little bit of that energetics. That’s behind journaling that makes it even more potent because in my book, who the fuck are you the diagram in there?

Speaker 0 00:15:00 And it’s, you know, I have the different buckets of life that you want fulfillment. And so there’s your personal finances, your romantic relationships, your family, or parenting your entrepreneurship or your career, maybe both, right? Your self-care. And so often we’re sitting there chasing these buckets individually that by the time one bucket or two start filling up nicely, the other ones started dumping all over the place. And we have to turn our backs to the ones that are filling up. And then what happens? We start catching up with the ones that were dumped out and now these start spilling. So it’s just, this, it’s like a circus. It’s like a circus juggling act. That’s not too well greased. And we always wind up settling in some area of our lives. And we really don’t have to. There’s a much neater approach. So the larger bucket being your awareness, once you fill that self-awareness bucket up, it neatly overflows into all of your other buckets where areas of life and what gets you that self-awareness, what’s an amazing free practice.

Speaker 0 00:16:01 Journaling. Journaling is an amazing practice that long after you work with myself or any other coach, if you continue a journaling practice, I can guarantee you about 95%, unless it’s something major, there is nothing that you won’t be able to work through in your business or in your personal life that you won’t be able to do between yourself and your journal. So it’s an amazing, amazing habit to pick up on and to run with. So I am so passionate about it. I’m going to be doing that on Monday, October 4th, the journal, your rate of 5k in five days experience, it’s going to be amazing. You’re not going to want to miss it. And that’s going to lead into my 21 day program, which is magnetic sole client attraction program. With that. You’re going to become a client magnet through journaling, through yourself, awareness through strategic journaling.

Speaker 0 00:16:57 However, it’s not just journaling. It’s not your, oh, let me go to Pinterest and get my pen. That’s 100 journal prompts. Now it’s different. It’s it’s way different from that. And when you do it in real time and something about a group dynamic and a group energy, and knowing that there are other people around you doing it and on the same mission and in their own heads too, it makes amazing things, amazing things happen. So I’m looking forward to that. I hope to see you there, I’ll be setting up a landing page very soon. That would be helpful, right? And I will link it in the show notes. But for the meantime, you can always find me on Facebook at shiso boss, mindset incubator. That’s my Facebook group. I love my boss, ladies. I have to say I have a, I have a small Facebook group, but it’s an engaged group with an amazing energy in there.

Speaker 0 00:17:47 I wouldn’t have it any other way. I kicked shitty energy out of my space and keep it away from my boss. Ladies who I hold dear very quickly. You’ll learn. You’ll learn that about me. Or you can find me at CISO blessed, um, mindset on Instagram. I’ll have both of those LinkedIn here. Let me know. Are you going to get that clarity? And are you going to work to get that new year’s results before the new year’s and walk into your new year’s like a mother F and boss with the results, not the need, not the wants, but with the results this way on new year’s Eve, you’re chilling. You’re just in the moment, there’s zero anxiety about all of the work and all of the shit that gets to come. And all of the planning that you have to do, and all of the questions is this.

Speaker 0 00:18:40 Even really what I want, did I think this through good enough? What if there is something better? What if this is, you know, all the, all the things that go on in your mind deal with that shit. And so a couple of quick journal prompts, and I’ll leave you with number one. What do you want? What do you want out of 2022? And it doesn’t have to be a tangible thing. It could be a feeling. I know so many of us are really in need of the feelings of security, peace of mind, joy fulfillment, more left or in our lives, right? It doesn’t have to be a tremendous goal because let’s be honest. If we’re able to laugh more, if we’re able, if you’re able to create the feelings of more security in your life, that has a tremendous impact on all other aspects of your life.

Speaker 0 00:19:38 So don’t think that there is a right resolution or goal or a wrong one or one that’s too big or too small. There’s only ever what is right for you. And so what is that for you? And remember, you can start small and build on top of it. You could start big, and if you don’t get all the way there by the new year, you’re at least halfway there and you still feel like a bad-ass boss. So that’s the first question. What do you want walking into 2022 second question. What are those one to three actionable things that you can do during your week, or at least several days during the week that are not a winding or wide road, you know, that’s like the vanity metrics. So I need more filers and I do five more reels and I’m going to, you know, five more tick talks, know what are the things?

Speaker 0 00:20:35 And you have to identify them for you, your business, maybe it is five more reels, maybe reels, get you a lot of business. Um, what is it for your goal and your business that you need to do that most directly leads to the result that you want against so many times it’s whatever will get you into a conversation with someone, whatever we’ll show someone that you have, something that they value. Maybe you need to work on your wording and your copy, and you throw it out into a few different Facebook groups. I love doing this and you see what wording and what copy resonates, and what does it, or you create a few different offers and you see which one resonates and which one does it that could be more meaningful than creating, you know, a tick tock. I personally feel like when my, when my personal ideal client is on Tik TOK, if they’re on Tik TOK, they’re usually in that, like, you know, I’m just bullshitting.

Speaker 0 00:21:34 I’m just looking for mindless entertainment mode. They’re not really, again, my clients are not necessarily in problem-solving mode or open to solving a problem as much as they are just wanting to escape, wanting to have that, that out, right. Wanting to just turn it all down for a little while and laugh at some cat videos. So, um, you have to decide that for your business and for your client and with whatever other goal that you have, what’s going to get you that most direct route to it. List one to two, three things that are going to get you there, that you can do consistently and do them. And let me know, keep me posted. I will probably do cause I’m coming to you a little later in the week than I should. So, um, for your patients, I will drop one of those five minutes. And when it episodes next week, rather than keeping you waiting until the following the thread on the full episode. So thanks for hanging out with me, Lisa Latimer. Thank you for joining me on she sublets mindset. I will talk to you soon.

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