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Personal Growth Lifestyle
Time Management For Moms in Business

(Lisa): Welcome to personal growth, lifestyle. Real talk. Real results. I’m your host, Lisa Latimer, self awareness facilitator, author and battle-tested empath. Now that we’re just getting into the new year and this is right around the time where people start to lag with their resolutions, maybe start getting a little burnout. Today’s guest is going to help you really get it together. Melissa Balgobin is a time management strategist, content creator, owner of Incantata Vita, and mother of four boys ranging between one and thirteen- years old.Melissa, welcome!

(Melissa): Thank you for having me.

(Lisa): So Melissa, you sound like you really have your hands full. But you seem to manage to be really productive in spite of everything you have going on, give us a little bit of background of everything that you’re into right now.

(Melissa): Well, as of right now, I run two businesses, so I am a content. I’m a beauty and lifestyle content creator for the blog, Primp and Prime Beauty. And then I also for the year of 2020, ventured out into a separate business called Incantata Vita, which is like a crystal and self-care or self-Wellness Business, on top of virtual learning with my four boys. So you know,

(Lisa): It is a lot and you’ve been doing this for a while. And I mean, you’re not just like the content creator, where you’re just posting on Instagram and doing the little sponsorships that they throw for free. Right? You’ve worked with brands, you know, doing paid sponsorships with everyone from Disney to Dove. So you’re the real deal.

(Melissa: I actually started my second business with the income that I’ve been making from my content creation. So I’ve been blessed in that way.

(Lisa): Absolutely. And that is not by accident, because I know you personally and I know that you definitely put the time in. And the reason I wanted to really have you on today is because we all have the same 24 hours in a day. Right? Just because you’re a mom of four boys, doesn’t mean that the universe grants you an extra five or six hours to get your things done, right, unfortunately. So I know for a lot of us that have this kind of misconception of content creators, give us just let’s unpack just your content creation, what are some of the things that are involved that you know, pull time from you, when it comes to your content creation.

(Melissa): I wish it was what most people think is just we you know, throw some things out, you know, on the grounds or on our ourselves and just take a few pictures and throw it up on Instagram. But um, there’s a lot of back and forth just initially between yourself and the brand between negotiating and maintaining a relationship. So that is extremely time consuming, because sometimes, you know, brands there get 1000s of emails a day, so they may not get back to you right away. So it prolongs. So once you get done with you know, X, Y and Z of the requirements and a mutual agreement between yourself and the brand, then you can actually start you know, planning what you’re going to be doing for that post or multiple posts, whatever your agreement is. And that leads to have to get certain props in order, you know, you might want to have to go shopping probably for certain things that you want to include.

Some, most of the time are actually specific requirements. But I am I you want to always be a one, you know, on your game when you’re posting for a brand. Because that’s pretty much your portfolio to show other brands and companies about, you know why they would want to work out with you, especially if they’re paying you. So sometimes I pick up everything that I need, and I pack it up and bring it to an entirely different location. And then you’re you know, I take a lot of more than a handful of photos, a lot of running around, and my kids that you know, they’ll be you know, asking me for this and then in the background, so you’re like kind of stopping and going and you know, there’s just something always going on around me.

(Lisa): And I’m sure a distance learning hasn’t made that go any smoother.

(Melissa): NO.NO

(Lisa): Yeah, exactly. So you have some time hacks that you’ve passed on to me that I’ve picked And let me tell you right now, they make a tremendous difference. So I would love for you to share with my listeners, some of those time hacks that work really so well for you. Because I have to say this about you, you, even when we speak, and you’re like, Oh, I’m so tired, or Oh, I don’t have time to work out or do this or that you are always put together. And you just you always look beautiful. And let’s get into some of your favorite, like time management tips that you share with your clients.

(Melissa): Okay, the biggest one, my number one is batching tasks. So for let’s say we’re going to batch housework, I like to batch cooking and cleaning. And also my remote learning with the kids. So with cleaning, I know that could be like overwhelming a lot of people they don’t like to clean or they don’t have time to do it all at once. So you what I like to call speed cleaning, where you can set a timer for I do like 15 minutes per room. And then I could do this either in the very start of my day, or the very end of the day, like before I go to bed so that way I’m not you know, stretching out so much time focusing on one thing, when I have other things to do. You just set a timer and you want to get as many things as you can done in one room. Or I mean, if you want to just try it out, see what you can get done throughout your whole, you know, a whole area or a whole half your entire home. But that works out really well. You’re You’re just focused.

(Lisa): I really love that you said do it at the beginning of the day or the end of the day, because I feel like the trap that so many of us get into is that we do it. And then we get so frustrated, especially with the kids being home all day for most of us. Yeah, it just goes right back to pot and you so it winds up becoming an all day task. When you just keep running around behind them, you know picking up I love the idea of giving yourself a time of day and then setting an timer.
And the same thing goes with cooking. You don’t necessarily have to speed cook that sometimes I know workout, you know. But I do like to, like prep it, if you can, you know know what you’re going to cook for? It doesn’t have to be like the whole week, but maybe like the next one or two days.
Now I have a question for you. So what do you do, because I love that you cook fresh. And I’ve seen the meals you post your meals like on your ID stories. And they are absolutely incredible. And the little ones that you have are at that age where you could be cooking something delicious. Like the other night you had pork chops or lamb chops on your stories. And I’m sure like anyone out there that has kids knows that they might want something like the cheapest nuggets on the market as opposed to what you’re cooking. So you and you have your your littlest ones at that age where they’re really finicky. What’s a tip for like when they get into those picky eating habits?

(Melissa): I do not mom shame. So if you have like a picky eater, instead of you know, I try my little backup, like nuggets and stuff. I just even make like little chicken nuggets yourself and just you know, say it’s chicken nuggets. But do not I don’t feel bad about giving them like granola bars or you know, or things like that that are already pre made. Because they’re not like the healthiest option. Right?
So sometimes it’s just you have to have those things. Not even sometimes you have to have these things in your arsenal when you’re dealing with kids at that age.

And there’s so many options if you’re like a health fanatic there you know, there’s so many options that you can choose for those easier go to meals, you don’t even have to feel bad about giving them something that was quick for your own sanity.

(Lisa): How old are your youngest three, I know your oldest is 13. So your younger three at that age where they could like take or leave whatever you make, and they’ll want to play and want Lunchables instead of pork chops.

(Melissa): Right now, it would be a though one-year-old, four-year-old and five-year-old. Yeah, those are picky a 13 -year old eats anything. Anything I give him the 13 year old will eat.

(Lisa): All right. So, so far we are covering batching and you can break it down into categories. So you’re batching your house work slash like family stuff. And then what are some of the other things that you batch?

(Melissa): Definitely business work for content creation, specifically I will batch days where I am only taking pictures. There’s days where I batch only editing them. And there’s other days where I’m like prepping captions or creating graphics for like the other social media that you have to promote on like Pinterest and things like that. And then for my business I will batch like packing orders in one day or overwhelmed with you get you know a certain amount of orders. Looking at the orders, and then your Worried about packing all of them and then getting all the shipping, ready for them and then sending them out by time the post office closes.

(Lisa): Right. And this isn’t necessarily like a time hack, but it’s like, you can stack things together. So I imagine if you break it down by into categories, like you just did for us, like housework and flat family, job, and then I don’t know if you have any other categories, but like, you can kind of stack things on top of each other, like certain things kind of go together automatically.

(Melissa): With the virtual learning, there’s pretty much a schedule, you know, the teachers have their own schedules. But if you’re homeschooling or teaching on your own, you know, reading different books, different subjects, you want to do at a time different, you know, work time batch, because I mean, they do get breaks throughout this. So during a break, I’m just not going to have them doing nothing. If they’re on break, you know, I have x, y, and z set up for them to do within a certain amount of time, and then they can get a break.

(Lisa): That’s cool. And it’s funny that you mentioned homeschooling, because I homeschool my kids, and that’s what I do my way of batching because my kids are closer in age is that I actually batch subjects so I can do science and history with them together. For English and math, they are you know, on far enough different levels where I do have to sit down individually with them. But yeah, we batch the science, right? We the science, the history, and like a few other things like our Yeah, do you have any other categories that you kind of like break your batching into?
if you want to throw in like self care?

(Melissa): Uh huh. That’s huge. Especially for moms, you have to have self care, I don’t care if it’s you reading a book you putting on a hair mask, you know, you just wanting to sit down and do nothing for you know, a certain amount of time, fit into your schedule. fit in time block it somewhere.

(Lisa): Yeah. Do you know how many times I’ve sat there. And while I’m writing a blog post, I’ll sit there with like a hair mask on and a face mask multitasking? Yeah, doing it just like that. So what are some other tips that you could share with us?

(Melissa): Time blocking is also good. I have planners, I’m a huge list maker. And I always have a planner, or in a notebook. Because that’s just I have to see it on paper, it makes it more achievable. For me, it makes it more real, like more real feeling when I sit and look at it on paper. Yeah, well, and it’s also almost therapeutic being, you know, sitting down for a minute, and just getting everything out of my head and onto the paper. So I do a brain dump, you can and this is a whole nother thing that you can get into and break down. You can do a brain dump for different categories, tried to break it down into 1530 and 60 minute increments and see what I can get done during you know, each of those time increments, or if you would like to be more specific, and you can break it down to specific times. So let’s say I have a blog post that I have to do. On a certain date, I would block off maybe from one to three o’clock and then stop the clock. That’s it and go on to the next thing.

(Lisa): Right. I really love the idea of the brain dump and doing it within time increments, because another huge thing that I feel like seems to overwhelm us and give us that that feeling like Oh, why should I even bother? Like, especially if you’re someone that battles with that all or nothing mentality? Yes. Is that we don’t. We don’t like block off time. We just feel like, oh, what can you possibly get done in 15 minutes? Oh, what can you possibly get done in 30 minutes, but sit there and do a brain dump. And I’ve done this, you know, with one of the sheets that I got from you. I’m like, I’ve gotten great coaching calls in in 30 minutes. 60 minutes. I’ve gotten other coaching calls in 60 minutes, I’ve recorded podcast interviews in 60 minutes. I’ve done the speed cleaning in 15 minutes gotten like the bathroom and part of my kitchens on the other day said, You know what, I only have a half an hour before I have another call to take, you know, I would normally say oh, that’s not enough time to squeeze in a workout. But my attitude was like, oh, what the hell, let’s see what I can do in 30 minutes. And I actually got a great workout in. So I love this downloadable like brain dump that you kind of did for us. Just to give us an idea and really get the wheels in our head-turning as to like, hey, there’s a lot you can get done in 15 minutes. A lot. You can get done in a half an hour and of course even more than you can get done in 60 minutes. But you really have it laid out for us for whether it’s like home stuff, stuff for home and the family stuff. We’re working on your business stuff for self care. So it’s really hard I think because we’re so burnt out to just kind of think of these things on our own because we’re so overwhelmed to begin with, but having this list really he organizes it and makes it a lot easier to kind of wrap our heads around.

(Melissa): Right. And by doing this myself, I realized, because I actually used to be that way, like, oh, what can I possibly get done in, you know this amount of time like, and then just do absolutely nothing. Right, that will get you to get the most out of your day, because you’re going to start, it’s going to become a habit. And now, anytime that you have, you’re going to say, what can I get done in this amount of time, and you’re going to do it, and then you’re going to see how much more you get out of your day.
Absolutely. And I always say that one of the most dangerous things that we can do for ourselves in terms of creating self sabotage is continue to not show up for ourselves. Yeah, because that leads so so much like negative self talk. And if you’re overwhelmed one day, and you’re having that attitude, like, well, what can I possibly done? I just get on, I just don’t have the time. You’re gonna do you’re gonna say the same thing the next day and the next day and the next day?
So you can talk yourself out of anything?

(Lisa): Yes. You know, whatever. Yeah, it reminds me of that meme that you see sometimes. And we laugh at it, because it’s funny, because it’s relatable. Yeah, but it’s a meme where it’s like someone laying flat on their face or just sleeping. And it’s like, you have so much to do that you just take a nap instead!

(Melissa): Yeah, the “I can’t today meme”.

(Lisa ): Yeah, exactly.

So I love that idea. So Melissa, thank you so much for taking the time to share some of your awesome tips. And I want to let everyone know that we’re going to include that download, it’s going to be in the show notes. So if you’re someone that has kind of like that overwhelm, and you just feel like you have so many different things to do. You know, sometimes we don’t even realize the specific tasks that we do each day, because we’re just in like, on autopilot. So this list really is great to highlight what you do, the timeframes that you can get it done in. And if you ever find yourself sitting and saying, Well, what can I possibly get done with this little amount of time you walk right up to that list, and you pick from something and accomplishing something is always better than doing nothing. And it stops that self sabotage and that negative self talk, let us know because I’m sure there gonna be a lot of people that want to connect with you know, where we can connect with you on social and I’ll include the links as well in the show notes.

Okay, well, you can reach me on @primpandprimebeauty on Instagram, or
@incantata.vita on Instagram, and I’m in charge of both accounts. So it’ll be me messaging and receiving the messages.
Awesome. All right, Melissa. Well, we look forward to picking your brain for some more time hacks in the future. And because I know that everyone is super motivated right now you have that New Year energy, and whether you believe in New Year’s resolutions or just plain old goal setting, I know that you’re amped up to start achieving those goals. So what I’m going to do for you, is if you email me at info@lisalatimer.com you can drop a me and Melissa, the biggest nagging time-draining task on your list, and we’ll come up with a strategy and get back to you that you can start using so that that that task or whatever it is, stops being a grind and starts being something that flows a lot easier for you. We are not playing with 2021 we are restoring 2021 and we’re kind of taking out everything that 2020 took from us we’re gonna take it out on 2021 so email us and if you do this, we will get back to you it’s good for it’s good up until March so you haven’t till March to email me at info at info@Lisalatimer.com and me Melissa about Balgobin who I work closely with, will sit there and we will take a look at whatever one task one thing that’s always on your to-do list that you find so hard and so time-consuming. And we will come up with a strategy for you because I appreciate your efforts. I know so many of us feel like we have kind of lost time to make up for because of the debacle that was 2020 so this is my way of saying I see you I hear you I got you and I’m so looking forward to speaking to you next time on personal growth lifestyle.

Are you ready to become your most valuable asset book a free chat with me at Lisalatimer.com from there you can grab my Amazon bestseller Who the fuck are you?!: Increase self-awareness to gain clarity, silence fear, and create fulfillment in life in business. You can also check out my courses Self-Aware Goal Setting and Speak it Into Existence with more courses to come. I’m Lisa Latimer and I’m helping you make personal growth part of your lifestyle.


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