Trusting God’s Timing in Business

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Trusting God's Timing in Business

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Lisa Latimer 0:02
Welcome to personal growth, lifestyle, real talk real results. I’m your host, Lisa Latimer, self-awareness coach helping ambitious women stop running on autopilot, break free from their limiting belief systems so they can create the fulfillment they crave in life and business. So today I have a very special guest on I have none other than my own cousin. She knew me when my mother used to cut my hair up to my neck and my father used to pick it out with a pic and I had a little Afro running around. So please welcome my cousin Tasha Thompson Vassar, who is talking about trusting God’s timing In business. How are you my dear?

Tysha Thomason-Vassor 1:02
I’m doing good. How are you?

Lisa Latimer 1:05
Oh, I am doing so well. And the reason I have you on today is because, you know, as I’ve started, really going more in-depth with my faith journey and getting into the Bible.  I know that trusting in God’s timing can be difficult. And you know, you starting your business, you’ve done some things that I find incredibly inspiring. Your faith has been an inspiration to me, your entrepreneurship, and your faith, not only in God but in yourself is also really inspirational to me. And I know that right now, with COVID going on. And with so many businesses that we hear, having gone under or just facing incredible hardships, your story is incredibly inspirational right now. And yeah, and we’re gonna discuss some of the things that you’ve gone through that your faith is getting you through, as well as the concept of work-life balance because you’re, you’re being tested right now, just like myself and so many other moms out there with businesses and children, and either homeschooling or distance learning. So we’re gonna get into all of that today.

So let me just start this off by saying, you did something that not triggered me, it triggered a bit of like, fear in me, but then a lot of Wow, a lot of all me, and that is that you have been doing hair for years going to client’s homes. And you’ve created a wonderful business for yourself. Yes, you decided to open a brick-and-mortar salon, in the middle of the COVID pandemic, when people are talking tale or just financially forced to have to shut their doors. And here you are going right in. Tell us a little bit about how you came to the decision to open your salon. And timing and the time.

Tysha Thomason-Vassor 2:57
Okay, well, um, I wanted to open a salon, I’ve been wanting to open one, it just was never, in my mind the perfect timing. And so I actually started working for a dental company back in, I want to say 2019. And when I did, I was there and I was like, You know what, I’m going to save up every little penny that I got. And I’m going to open a salon and 2020 That’s the goal. And you know, God works in mysterious ways. This company started doing massive layoffs. And I got laid off, right, the week of Thanksgiving, I got laid off, right. And I was not sure what I wanted to do. But I was like, You know what, I’m not looking for another job. Because if I do, then I’m at their mercy when they want to get rid of me when they want to downsize the company or when they want to pay me less and pay some, you know, they’ll get they’ll just terminate me

I win. And I was actually in the process of finishing a book that I was writing. And I went to the beach, and I just sat there. And I was like, You know what, I’m going to open a salon, I’m going to look for the salon. And even that I had my own distinct area where I wanted to look and I’m riding around looking. And my best friend who went with me, she sent me the list of numbers of places that I was looking to rent. And the next day, she’s like, well, where are you going to go? I said, I’m getting dressed. And I’m going to go down to Linden hearse by the lawyers’ office. And she’s like, what, why are you going there?

I’m like, I just feel led to go down there. Right, right. So I got dressed and I drove and I’m driving and I’m like, Okay, okay, Lord, where am I going? Where am I going? I’m still driving. And finally, I come to the underpass. And I see for rent signs on this dis building, and I’m like, Oh, I’m gonna take the number down. Right. And I took the number down and I was instacart.

And at the time as well, so to bring in some income because I didn’t have an income anymore. So I was instacart ing. So I clicked on my phone for instacart. And then I called the landlord. And he was like, Yes, it’s still for rent. And he told me the price that it was I thought he said something else. And I said, Are you serious? And he said, but don’t worry, it includes everything. And I was like, okay, but what did you say it was? And when he told me the rent immediately, I was like, I think I want this place. I want it. But I want it to be God-led, you know, Spirit-led? Yes. And actually, that’s when I was like, Okay, I want to go look, me and my husband went and looked at it. And he’s like, we got to take it. We have to take it. I was like, well, we’re taking nothing if God don’t tell me we not taking it, no matter how good it sounds, right. But I knew it was mine. I knew I knew automatically that this shop was mine. Hence now we’re in 2020. You know, we signed the lease in February 2020. I’m like, Okay, I’m going to do my grand opening in April that give us time to organize and fix up the shop and boom, the pandemic happens. Yes, yes.

We’re responsible for, you know, a mortgage we’re responsible for. ran at a shop because Mind you, I signed the lease in February, everything shuts down, and March, yes. And it’s just like, Okay, now we’re out of work. Everybody’s out. My husband gets put out of work. I’m like, Okay, what am I going to do now, because I’m not instant carding as much even though instant carding was major. I’m not doing it now. Because it’s like, okay, you get the risk of getting COVID. Right, which, which my family does get in March, we, we all con Well, I contracted my husband. They told him it was the flu, but I contracted COVID. And now we’re just, you know, I’m like, Okay, well, we still have a shop, we still have to open. Right. And I don’t want to say it was a blessing in disguise, because so many people lost their lives, right, with the extra money that we were able to bring in from unemployment, and I was able to furnish the shop the way we want, we were gonna furnish it anyway.

Right. But we didn’t have to pull, you know, from other areas, we were able to furnish the shop the way I desired to. And our landlord was phenomenal. He was like, pay me what you can if you can pay me if you can’t pay me, don’t worry about it. The building is still it’s still yours. Wow, he understands. And then finally, when it was time for everything to reopen, I was like, oh, we’re just gonna open. We’re, we’re gonna open in July, we’re gonna open up. Right, right. And that’s what, that’s what we did. We opened up in July, when everything was starting to reopen. I was like, we’re gonna, we’re just gonna move forward. But it was it was very scary.

Lisa Latimer 7:48
Were there any moments where you where you said to yourself, there’s this funny meme? And it kind of reminded me of you because it’s like a little kid going down a slide. And he’s like, bracing himself and trying to stop. And it says, what, when some something to the effect of when God is telling you to go a certain way. You’re like, I don’t know about. Did you have one of those moments,

Tysha Thomason-Vassor 8:10
Absolutely. I from the moment I signed the lease, I had those moments. For one, I had to say, God, me a business owner. You know, we come from a family of workers. We’re hard workers, you know, not that we don’t have entrepreneur in our entrepreneurship in our blood, right? But

we’re hard workers we know to secure a job that has good benefits, that’s going to pay the bills, not really pushed to follow your purpose and your dreams. It’s kind of, you know, do what you know, to do, not what you desire to do. Right. And so I was fearful the whole time, especially when it was time to open because I’m like, What am I doing? There’s, there’s a barbershop. That’s next door to me. That was seven days a week and now he’s closed. I can walk past all the stores that was in my little Plaza. They’re all closed, but I’m gonna open up along with my landlord.

We’re gonna we’re gonna open right? I was like, God, no, and then no fear came in of oh my goodness, Lord, am I gonna? Am I gonna make enough money to cover the full amount of the rent now? Because before like I said, My landlords like, pay me what you can so you get accustomed to that, you know, now it’s like, No, you got to pay this full amount. And I’m like, Lord, am I gonna? What if because people are scared people don’t want to go out people don’t want to come in. Right? Though we desire these services. People don’t want that. So I What am I doing? This is not the right thing to do.

Lisa Latimer 9:44
But you did it anyway. Yes. What do you think if you could sometimes, you know, something motivates us and we can’t quite put it into words. Maybe we haven’t even fully tapped into it yet. But if you had to, to say like, well, this is what It kept me going even in those moments of being scared. What do you think one or maybe even a few things that it boiled down to that you were like, I’m scared. This is crazy. But okay, I’m gonna do it anyway, What kept you moving along?

Tysha Thomason-Vassor 10:15
If I have to say some I honestly have to say, just my faith. Just knowing how God operates, knowing that he’s a keeper. And knowing that, you know, I, one of my favorite scriptures talks about how, you know, I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken nor their seed begging for bread. And I think of that, and I’m like, Okay, he’s never left me. Never. I’ve never lacked anything. My family’s never lacked anything, even when it seems like we’re down to our last he comes through in a phenomenal way. Right? And so I just kept, I would, different scriptures. Um, you know, I know that all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and according to His plan and purpose, recite and things like that, honestly, it was constantly giving myself scriptural affirmations to lift myself up daily. You can do this. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, which is my favorite song. Proverbs one. No, Psalms 139 is my favorite, my favorite scripture. So I would constantly recite that over and over again. And people would be like, Oh, you’re crazy. You’re crazy. You’re crazy. And I’m like, I have even if I am, I have no other choice. But to trust him. We’re already out there on the water if see the sink or swim.

Unknown Speaker 11:46
Exactly, exactly. And I think that that’s a beautiful thing. You know, a lot of times in personal growth and development, you hear and I used to think that affirmations were cheesy, but I started saying affirmations over a year ago and have the kids saying their affirmations. But taking affirmations from Scripture, I feel like is even more powerful. And I know that since I started getting into the Bible, just the level of peace that it brings you that, like, you know, so often, and I did this hoof so much throughout my 20s, especially with relationships, holding on to a rope and not letting it go, despite how cut up and bloody Your hands are getting.

Lisa Latimer 12:27
And then when you start getting into that scripture, you find that it becomes so easy to let what’s not meant for you go, and welcome in what is meant for you. So just the piece that you sleep with, and, and the courage and I’ve always said, You know, I, you know, I’m Catholic, I choose to be Catholic. But I’ve always said, I feel like faith is a beautiful thing. And if someone you know, here or in another country, if you worship a shoe, and that shoe gets you through because life is hard. You need to have something outside of just yourself sometimes to keep you going. And when I say outside of yourself, this is why and I know we touched on this a little bit you and I Tasha, this is why I had to stop talking about and stop practicing the idea of manifesting abundance.

Tysha Thomason-Vassor 13:17
Mm hmm.

Lisa Latimer 13:18
I didn’t realize how it could actually pull you away from God. And I’ve had conversations with people about, you know, where they say, Oh, well, manifesting is just you and you’re created by God. So it actually makes you more in touch with God. And it’s like, right, right. Yeah, I you know, I I choose not to I chose to walk away from that. And I chose to take down blog posts and, and stop talking about that in my practice. But I feel like having that faith in God really does. It allows you to sleep at night, it allows you like you said to move forward even in difficult times. And now, how has your business been doing since you opened your doors?

Tysha Thomason-Vassor 14:00
Wonderful. Um, it has honestly it, it never ceases to amaze me. I’m just like, oh, my goodness, you know, everybody knows, like the first year of a business. It’s very rough, you know, that goes to show whether you’re going to keep your doors open or closed them. Right. But we have done phenomenal customers all the time. I mean, I have my slow weeks where I don’t have that many customers like this week was a slow week. But I’ve had customers you know, I might have been in on a Tuesday and you know, and then yesterday, whereas tomorrow I’ll be there all day, which is Saturday, which is usually honestly I’m only usually there in the mornings. And that’s it, but I’ll be there all day Saturday, even so that I takes customers on Sundays now too. So Wow. It’s done. It’s done. Wonderful. And, you know, another thing which amazes people because they’re like you’re the only one in there

Lisa Latimer 14:59
Yes. You don’t pay your rent. Yeah, you know, in a chair or anything collecting so many salon owners get their money by collecting rents and different right arts of their salons a different people. eyebrow threading, nail technician? Yes.

Tysha Thomason-Vassor 15:12
Yes, one thing. One of my mentors used to say to me all the time is make sure you can pay to rent yourself. Because people are fickle, and people will get mad at you people don’t everybody wants to be chief. Nobody wants to be you know, the little Indian, so per se. And that’s what I made sure I can pay the rent myself. And I just, I’m great. Plus, I like the peace, my purpose that when people walk into my salon, they’re gonna feel the presence of God, and they’re gonna be able to come in. And even if they don’t say a word to me, their spirit can be released in the burdens that they carry. Because we come in heavy.

Lisa Latimer 15:53
Right? Exactly. And the salon so often, like I remember when I used to work in the salon, and when I used to go to the salon on a regular basis for hair color and stuff. Like you go and sometimes like it’s just so there’s so much talk and conversation and just, it’s not really someplace where like you said you can go and just just soul be at peace. And if you’re a mom, especially, that’s probably one of the rare times you get to go away. be pampered a little bit and have some of that just time in your head and just peace and you know, relax,

Tysha Thomason-Vassor 16:23
right? Yeah, it’s important to me.

Lisa Latimer 16:26
Yeah. What do you keep in your salon? I want you to tell my listeners What do you keeping your salon because what I thought I was like, This is too perfect. Oh, my Bible. Yeah, yeah. Yeah,

Tysha Thomason-Vassor 16:37
I have I actually have a Bible on my workstation that I’m not renting. And then I have I have a case of Bibles, actually.

Lisa Latimer 16:47

Tysha Thomason-Vassor 16:48
I have a case of Bibles for when, for whenever the Lord leads me to handle it out. He hasn’t yet. But I’m patient to know, his timing is perfect. So I know they’re there. That’s honestly, that’s one of the first things I ordered before I ordered a piece of furniture before I did any painting or anything. The Holy Spirit was like order a case of Bibles. And that’s what I did. Wow.

Lisa Latimer 17:14
That’s awesome.

So not only Tasha has your faith taking you to you know, to create this, this flourishing business? This this business that you have that you’re that your children come to, and they get to be with you all day during the remote learning, and we’re going to touch on that in a few minutes that that balancing act. But it’s also taking you through a really difficult situation that was was scary as hell, I’d imagine. Can you get into that for us?

Tysha Thomason-Vassor 17:45
Yes. And august of August 21 of 2020. Our home caught fire. We were sleeping. And once again, the Holy Spirit woke me up. No smoke alarms went off for anything. I just within my sleep. I kept saying something’s burning. And I sat straight up and was like something’s burning. And we jumped up out the bed and ran we checked the stove. We looked around and we was like, we don’t see anything. Right. But then we heard our tenant downstairs yelling, which was my sister in law yelling that she has a fire downstairs. Hmm. And before you know it, we were scrambling to get out the house because the house was engulfed in flames. That fast. That fast.

Lisa Latimer 18:35
Scary and everyone thank God made it out safely. Yes, injuries or anything?

Tysha Thomason-Vassor 18:41
No, not at all. But we lost. You know, we lost everything. But we didn’t lose a life. So I’m grateful for that.

Lisa Latimer 18:49
Yeah, and your attitude. So your your attitude, your own spirit. How do you especially in a time like that, because children, it’s a little hard to explain to children, like, the Lord will look out for us, the Lord will provide for us and then something like that happens. And I feel like maybe it’s a little bit more difficult for them to understand that. You You’re going to get difficulties in life. It doesn’t matter if you love God and you trust in God. It doesn’t come with you know, you know, it doesn’t make like life a cakewalk. Right. Right. So how did you go about communicating with them? That God still loves us and we still love God and we still trust God even though you know this happened to our home.

Tysha Thomason-Vassor 19:33
Um, I had my moments in front of them. Um, I didn’t shield them. My kids are not shielded. When I pray, they’re not shielded when I’m crying. They’re not shielded when I’m asking God questions. They know how mommy operates. They know how mommy moves about and they know mommy’s faithful. So they’ll know if I’m in a room crying and the door is closed, and the only Hear me and they’re praying and they’ll say mommy’s praying. So even in that when the house burned down and I’m crying, they’re crying. And I’m telling them, it’s okay. We’re allowed to cry. God is not angry at us for having emotions, because he has emotions. He just handles his better than what we do. But I think that’s important. I think it’s important for kids to understand that. It’s okay. It’s okay to be angry. It’s okay to hurt, it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to feel sadness. These are things that need to be expressed. So they would see me crying, they heard me questioning like God, why, why? Why did this happen? Why I don’t understand. They would hear me saying things like that. And then I would say, I don’t understand. But I do know, going back to the Scripture, that all things work together for the good of those. And I would just bring it, whatever questions I had, I would bring it back to Scripture. Right? And there’s so many people in the Bible that have gone through hardship, you know, I think I actually spoke about it on my Facebook page after the fire. And I said, so many people, you know, talk about, you know, different characters in the Bible. When I think of it, I think of, you know, I think of a Joseph who was sold by his brothers, you know, into slavery left for dead honestly, they really want to kill them. Yeah. But the, his older brother was like, No, let’s not kill him. We’re just sell him, you know, and he was sold into slavery, and he was a man of character. But, you know, everywhere he went, he prospered. But as he prospered, he still was found, you know, somebody would accuse him of something. So he was thrown into jail. And, you know, just so many tragic things. So I show them biblical stories and say it happened then, but God was still with them. Right. You know, like you said, it’s not going to be a cakewalk. Right.

Lisa Latimer 21:59
But it does make it right. But it does make it a lot easier to, to get that strength that it takes to get through.

Tysha Thomason-Vassor 22:07
Mm hmm. That takes a lot of crying. It takes a lot of, you know, I don’t understand I didn’t get here. Overnight, you know, it took a lot of sleepless nights where I would be up crying and anxious, honestly, you know, not understanding like, what’s going on? Why are we going through this? You know, it was very hard the first month after, and we had to stay in a hotel for some time until we found the place we were renting. Right? And I listened to my kids cry themselves to sleep, I listened to them cry in their sleep, to the point that I would get up and just go in the bathroom and cry and yell and scream and say I don’t understand Lord, like, why? why if you could just tell me why. Like, I know what your Word says. But I need I need to hear your voice. I need you to tell me why.

Lisa Latimer 22:52
Right. Right. Right. And all of this happening still with a brand new business. And still in the middle of a global pandemic, pandemic? Absolutely. So, you know, I feel like there are so many people going through it right now. And your story could just offer so so much inspiration, and so much uplifting. We hear so many horrible things in the news and on social media. And now because we get news from all over the world, like the world writing what is global now, right? So if a tragedy happens around the block, or if a tragedy happens on the other side of the world, it’s you know, you get that update on your phone or on your laptop or wherever that something horrible happened. We don’t hear enough of these types of stories we don’t hear enough from people like you who are out there and against the odds that are you know, making other things and just other people crumble are out there thriving, prospering, continuing to have faith continuing to put in the work to move forward. And instead of just you know, because it’s so much easier to just kind of throw your hands up in the air and say, Well, what the hell is all this for anyway? Right? So you have the the girls now How old are you girls?

Tysha Thomason-Vassor 24:09
12 eight and five.

Lisa Latimer 24:12
So now you’re you’re you’ve got your hands full. You have your salon and and I didn’t realize that the girls were with you. I thought they were back in school, because it’s so weird. Some places have school like my school district has school, even though I’m homeschooling. Um, so I assumed your girls were in school and then like after school, they get dropped off at the salon and come and hang out with mommy.

Tysha Thomason-Vassor 24:36
No there they have from pre K to second grade. Their district allows them to go to school if they want, but everybody else has to be homeschooled. So we just opted to do virtual from the very beginning.

Lisa Latimer 24:50
Right? So you have them you’re there in the salon doing virtual and you’re taking clients. Yes, and I mean, on the one hand, I see I’ve always one of the biggest reasons I wanted wanted to start a business was because I think it’s so important and so empowering for children to see a parent running a business right and feeling a part of it and having that it’s it’s there, it’s it’s right within their grasp, they see the direct family member doing it. So I think it’s beautiful that they’re there. But you know, what is? You know, how they say, what, what’s the saying that you shouldn’t multitask? What’s your take on on people who say, well, you shouldn’t multitask multitasking is not how to get things done.

What are the other options? So you say like, you’re processing someone’s hair stuff, and then you’re running back on a computer because someone needs help with with their distance learning?

Tysha Thomason-Vassor 25:53
There’s no other way to do it. I, what else am I supposed to? Do? You know, if somebody has a better plan? I wish they would give it to me call me and tell. This is better? We have suggestions because there’s no way there’s no way to do it there. Yeah, I haven’t found a way.

Lisa Latimer 26:11
Yeah, cuz you know, it’s funny, cuz I did also I did an episode on, like balancing your schedule, like time packing, basically, for moms that have businesses. So you know, they come up with ideas, and they work sometimes like time blocking, and you know, setting a timer to do a certain task. But there are really sincerely times where you just have to wing it and just go in between one two or three things at once.

Tysha Thomason-Vassor 26:41

Lisa Latimer 26:42
How are you finding that? The challenge of doing the distance learning while you’re also at work? and How are the kids finding it?

Tysha Thomason-Vassor 26:49
They are, the older two are good, the 12 year old and an eight year old, they pretty much can get on and they don’t need my assistance. It’s the five year old that is like, Okay, I understand I’m supposed to be on this, but I’m not I actually put up a Facebook picture of her during the first few weeks, and she’s supposed to be a music class. But she’s hanging over the chair I saw just exhausted like she’s just over it. Yeah, and we have plenty of nights. I mean, plenty of days like that, where she’s like over it. And I have to understand for them, it’s different to so when I do find myself getting overwhelmed where I want to start yelling,

I have to say this is not easy for them as well. You’re sticking children, you’re placing them in front of a computer. And you’re saying this is how you’re going to learn. The five year old is so used to being in class and you know, she’s learning by dancing in class, and she’s learning by different things. And now we’re taking that from her and we’re telling her to focus. Right. So I my biggest thing is to understand I’m not the only one going through it, they’re going through it as well to kind of calm myself down. Yeah. Because if not, I would yell, I would yell a whole lot. Yeah. And you don’t want to if you don’t want to do that, and then not have that piece that you work so hard for in this all right, right.

So I am honestly all my clients are understanding they like oh, no, don’t worry about it. You know, I’m late to the salon a lot because I have to disconnect them from the house, and let their teachers know that they’re going to be during this time every day, they will not be in class. But to get them out the house is a process to be honest with you, to pack them up to make sure they have their books in their pencils and everything else they need to actually make sure we have lunches because if not, you’ll spend a lot of money eating out. Sure. So to make sure we have lunches to make sure they had breakfast and to say, Okay, look, we got to get to the shop. Mommy has clients today we got to go, right. It’s it’s always fast paced, always. Yeah,

Lisa Latimer 28:54
well, hopefully. And you know what I actually I have spoken to women that are working their corporate jobs. And you know how everything was kind of like slow and well, I don’t know for you, but it was initially like slow and kind of mellow. Everyone. One was very understanding all the bosses and stuff. And so the work load wasn’t heavy. I’m speaking to more and more women now that are finding that now it’s to the point that the bosses have gotten so comfortable with them being home that they’re having scheduled meetings during time that would have normally been there in route time to work. So like they that commute, since they know that they’re not having that commute. There’s their their meetings scheduled for those right, and they’re not scheduling in lunch breaks for their workers.

So they’re really, you know, getting hit hard. So it really has gone it. It’s ratcheted up the, the goal, the go mentality, the the emotional, physical and mental health issues that have come up because of it. So like I said, it’s so important to keep in mind, you’re not the only One going through it, but that also doesn’t diminish the fact that you are going are going through. Absolutely. And they are allowed to feel how you’re, you know, however, you’re going to feel about it on any given day, and at any given time of the day.

Tysha Thomason-Vassor 30:13
Right? I think that, um, support is very important. What you’re doing this podcast, you know, your blogs, I think that’s important for women to have to know that there are people out there that understand what they’re going through. I can remember a few years back while I was when I was working in the dental field that I was in, and mental health wasn’t really discussed. It was very quiet. I myself talked about it because I suffered from anxiety. And now it’s major, everybody’s talking about it. Right. So I think it’s important that people find support groups to lock themselves into especially women, where you have someone that you can call or talk to and say, Look, I went through this, how did you handle it? How do you handle a busy schedule? With your with your kids, you know, it’s important just like I can ask you, cousin happy to do it, you know, you got the kids and you’re doing a podcast and you wrote a book and you know, you’re still a wife, and you still got to tend to the house, you got to make sure your kids eat, you got to make sure dinner’s done. And then you got to clean the house, how is it that you’re able to handle all of that, and then you still got to look presentable.

Lisa Latimer 31:30
Right, my meds aren’t too great of a job and looking presentable right now. But that’s okay, this is a podcast recording. So I let I can get away with it with just audio, but no, but you know, what you’re saying is so true. And because as women and then add that layer of wife and mother, we are really our own worst or harshest critic, we always feel like we’re falling short. And what I try to do with so many women and some of my coaching clients is just make a list because your self talk is always going to be there to remind you of what you’re not doing good enough with or the deadlines that you didn’t meet, right, or the appointment that you relate for. But you need to journal all of the things that you did do, even when they’re not these big, monumental things, it doesn’t have to be writing a book, it could be you know, what, I got three kids out of the house this morning, and made it to the salon and opened up and nobody was, you know, angry and everything went on the day went on as scheduled. That’s an accomplishment.

That’s a huge accomplishment, right? Having an a, an attitude in these times, that’s like, you know, I’m moving forward, I’m going to get up and I’m going to do it, even when I’m not seeing the results, I’m going to continue to do it and move in the direction of, of, you know, positivity or productivity, and what I know is going to help me grow, rather than just do nothing and stay stagnant and say, you know, what’s the point in this, the world has come to kind of a halt, to sign me things are, you know, don’t really seem like they’re going to get back to complete normal anytime soon. So what’s the point, you know, that you really have to sometimes have things written out and in front of you until you build up that positive self talk. But there are so many achievements that we don’t give ourselves credit for, because we feel like we have to write that book. We feel like we have to have that podcast, we feel like we have to have that certain amount of followers or have that business running before we can sit there and start to say, you know, hey, you’re doing pretty darn good. No, and it’s not it’s not about all those things. And there are so many small, little miracles that happen every day, that we help to facilitate that we don’t give ourselves credit for right there. Right. And you do an amazing job at that. So I’m so happy and so grateful that you decided to come on the podcast and talk with us today.

Tysha Thomason-Vassor 33:51
Thank you for having me.

Lisa Latimer 33:54
That that faith that you have and that positivity that you have and that you know, just that motivation that you have we you know, we need that right now. We need to bottle that up and get it out there to as many people as possible. Yeah,

Tysha Thomason-Vassor 34:09
I agree. Because people need that we everybody needs it. It’s a definite thing. So thank you for having me. Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker 34:17
we’ll have I’m gonna have you back on again, at some point. I love having friends and family on sometimes just to even discuss I like to chat about little things, even in popular culture that are going on that I feel like make good personal growth lessons so we can have a fun conversation again.

Lisa Latimer 34:34
Okay, before I let you go, I want you to tell everybody about your salon and where it is because you’re you’re all about natural hair care and it’s funny, I was just talking to my friend Stephanie, on the episode before this, and we were talking about the whole thing with that Alec Baldwin’s wife, Hilaria Baldwin, and she was talking about how she’s Puerto Rican my friend but she now identifies as Afro Latina because She passes as an as a light-skinned black woman and she has the curly hair she says I have more African roots and she said it’s actually the natural hair movement that helped me at 40 years old. really feel like that that last missing piece or two to like my self- awareness came to fit together so let everyone know what you know what you specialize in any salon and how they can find you.

Tysha Thomason-Vassor 35:26
Okay, first off, the name of the salon is transitions. haircare Instagram is at transitions haircare. I’m located at 101, a South Wellwood and Lindenhurst New York, right next to Metro PCs, and I specialize in natural haircare and braids. It’s very important to me to take care of the scalp and to just to promote healthy haircare healthy hair growth. We have we grew up in an era where relaxing our hair to make it straight, and weaves to fit in honestly, to fit in because you couldn’t go to a job interview with an afro they will look at you as if something was wrong with you. You couldn’t go with braids like that they didn’t want that. They wanted that straight, you know, look. But now we’re embracing our roots. We’re embracing our hair textures. And I love it.

I love it from the kinky is to the to the loose, the loose curl. I try to tell people there’s no such thing as nappy because we get on that subject all your hairs nappy is no such thing. It’s just kinky, tightly curled, no tightly coiled coil. Yes, tightly coiled. And so that’s what I specialize in helping to promote healthy hair care, taking care of your scalp and letting people learn to love their curls, different styles that we can do with our natural hair. Not that we can’t blow it out straight. But even in that I have some relaxed clients, but I let them know. Okay, we should never be burning your scalp, which is something within the black community that we got used to all if it doesn’t burn, then it’s not taking your scalp should not be burning with any chemicals on it. And if it does, there’s something wrong with your scalp. And we need to rectify the problem before we continue.

Lisa Latimer 37:23
Absolutely, absolutely. I love that. And it’s all about teaching people to appreciate themselves self-love and self-care are so again, so needed right now. So that’s amazing that you get that you do that. And I’m also going to have the link to transition haircare on your Instagram page and the information the address on the in the show notes. So yeah, so anyone that wants to get in contact with you can contact us directly. So you are welcome. Thank you once again. So that’s what we’re leaving you with today, guys. Um, you know, faith and I don’t, I don’t push, you know that you have to do something. But I will tell you when I can only speak from my experience. And obviously, you just heard my cousin’s experience. It has been a game-changer. It’s been a game-changer.

And especially during this pandemic, having faith and feeling like you know, with homeschooling making the hard decisions. You never know if you’re making the right decision. But I tell you what, having faith and feeling like God has your back really does help you sleep a lot better at night and make you feel like you are doing those things that are aligned with what is best for you and for yours. So, catch me next week on Personal Growth Lifestyle. This is Lisa Latimer and I’m helping you make personal growth part of your lifestyle.

Are you ready to become your greatest asset in life and in business book a free chat with me now and And you can also jump into my facebook group, She’s so Boss Mindset Incubator. Remember, I’m Lisa Latimer and I’m helping to make personal growth part of your lifestyle.


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