Politics and Self-Awareness

Finding Our Way Out of Their Boxes

Politics has colored our world black and white. As a 41-year-old woman born to a black father and white mother, the current state of how politics is screwing with our self-awareness even blows me away.

It seems that as we increase our consumption of politics, we decrease our individual and collective self-awareness. Can this possibly have an effect on business and the process of innovation?

Growing up when you didn’t see biracial families in every other commercial, how I related to one side of my family vs. the other never occurred to me. It wasn’t my black father and my white mother. They were mom and dad, and loving them was as natural as breathing.

There was never a need to compartmentalize my experiences with one side of my family vs. the other. Fast forward to today’s political environment.

You cannot appreciate law enforcement, and see the validity in officers, (especially from non-minority communities), going through diversity training.

There’s no room to believe in climate change, but that we don’t have to force families onto bicycles in our “green” efforts.

We can’t acknowledge Capitalism as an engine for creativity and innovation, yet demand big corporations pay their taxes.

You cannot admire the progress we’ve made in creating diversity and opportunity for all, and claim you’re pro-minority.

I wasn’t raised to see black and white; however, our political class demands it of us. Our popular culture is carrying the message, putting even the most verbally cautious of us on notice. What’s the result? Self-awareness is at an all-time low.

We want to have national conversations, but they’ll never happen within the cancel culture we’ve created. Ironically, those with deep roots in self-awareness welcome opposing opinions and can appreciate the diversity of thought. Companies encouraging diversity in thought and idea, create a robust framework for innovation. Will we ever pause long enough to consider the damaging effects that this current creative stifling of thought and expression, has on business?


Do we really believe threatening people with violence, or having everything they’ve worked for ripped away for not sounding woke enough, is the catalyst for honest, open conversation or innovation? We’re scaring people out of admitting hard truths to themselves, much less out loud. How does one grow in self-awareness, becoming more finely tuned in thought and execution, when it’s not safe to own one’s thoughts?

Our journey to increased self-awareness is discouraged at every turn. It’s not only individual self-awareness but our collective self-awareness as one human race. That common sense I speak of when referring to loving my family is not welcome in this divisive atmosphere.

We mustn’t combine two logical ideas (such as protecting the second amendment, yet ensure guns can’t be purchased as casually as buying a new pair of blue jeans).

Such logical thoughts are under ownership by two parties that refuse to share them or allow us freedom in forming cohesive, common sense thoughts, and opinions.

The biggest kicker is this.

Some politicians dress themselves up in Liberal superhero capes, assuming it automatically makes them pro-minority, interested in equality rather than self-preservation. Yet, their policies, practices, and past behaviors, tell a different story.

Others wear Conservative superhero capes. With their bible in hand, they stand against abortion, and slam adultery, until their daughter or mistress inconveniently becomes pregnant.

In essence, we’re experiencing the hijacking of our self-awareness by a group of people with the lowest self-awareness and emotional intelligence imaginable.

The push and pull between the politics of friends and family vs. my thoughts and life experiences are exhausting. It’s the first time in 41 years I’ve felt at odds with the very people I never felt the need to put into boxes. I don’t say, “I’m making plans with my Republican/Liberal friends.” I make plans with my friends.

Self-awareness is the topic of my book because I believe the answers are within us and have been all along. We’re being talked out of our power so that politicians can increase their own.

Who would think that in the year 2020, the act of turning within, increasing our self-awareness, would be the most rebellious and unifying act we can partake.  It can be the act that ignites a great boom in inspiration, creativity, partnership, and productivity that this country needs to regain a comfortable lead over competitors swiftly. 

How are you balancing an overwhelming consumption of politics with your individual and organizational self-awareness?

-Lisa Latimer

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