Fall in Love With Yourself This Fall

The Perfect Backdrop, For Falling in Love With Yourself

There’s nothing like a change in seasons, to stimulate the desire for positive life changes.  Fall is my favorite season for so many reasons.  The sun still warms your skin during the days (which are still long enough to enjoy). 

Fall clothing and decor, offer colors and textures, as rich and vast as the changing foliage.  Home feels a bit cozier, inviting more frequent opportunities for quiet reflection.  I can’t think of a better time of year to fall in love with yourself than Fall.  These are three ways you can fall in love with yourself this Fall.

Fall is the perfect time to fall in love with yourself.

Fall is the perfect time to fall in love with yourself.

Speak Lovingly to Yourself.

A practice that has changed my mindset (and life) is speaking to myself in a deliberate, honest, but kind manner.  In my reflective journaling, patterns of abusive self-talk, (mimicking the cruelty of toxic relationships from my past), became evident. 

The patterns of the self-talk of those close to me, also display a similar tone, forcing me to take action, advocating for my positive self-talk, and fulfillment.

What exactly does cultivating positive self-talk look like?  Great question.  For me, it’s speaking deliberate, positive daily affirmations, out loud, looking myself in the eye. 

I once thought the idea of affirmations was cheesy until I began having my four and six-year-old do them before school.  Seeing them light up, taking on positive energy and motivation convinced me that the only thing cheesy was my fixed mindset toward the effectiveness of affirmations. 

Because eye contact has been tricky for me (coming from a past of abusive relationships), I decided to up the intensity, looking myself straight in the eye when saying my affirmations. 

We always hear how important it is to look at others in the eye when we speak to them, so why would we deny ourselves that same respect and attention? 

Find or create an uplifting affirmation (that resonates with you), and recite it, looking yourself in the eye.  This exercise also creates impactful self-awareness.

For a fun and engaging course on how to speak your fulfillment into existence, check out The Art of Positive Self-Talk.

Fall in Love With Your Shape.

Something that took me over a decade and two children to do was clearing my closet.  I don’t just mean clear my closet.  This was beyond your average cleaning/organizing.  I decided to accept and love the body I currently had (while working on the shape I want).  That meant getting rid of the old clothes, that I’d often squeeze half a thigh into, as a measure of my progress, (actually my worthiness).

I  decided that I deserved to look and feel sexy at every stage of my life and weight loss journey.  You can read more about how I finally ditched that stale energy and got my sexy back in this post. 

If you struggle to love your body, ditch clothing styles and sizes that accentuate your insecurities. Start investing in clothing that loves, and compliments the body you have now.

Celebrate what makes you different.

Celebrate what makes you different, not perfect.


Fall in Love With Your Individuality.

Have you ever looked at a beautiful bunch of vibrant Fall leaves, and started nitpicking at their flaws?  I didn’t think so.  Sure, they may be on the ground, having been stomped on, driven over, and muddied up a bit. 

That doesn’t stop us from admiring their beauty.  We still notice the brilliance of each leaf (holes and rips aside).

Living in a world that places a high value on perfection, this is the perfect time to treat ourselves with the same forgiveness we treat our beautiful Fall leaves.

So what, you’ve had some experiences that have left you a little muddied and torn in certain places.  That doesn’t take away from your brilliance.  It doesn’t make you less worthy of being noticed and admired. 

Fall in love with those battle scars.  Celebrate what makes you different and imperfect.  You have the same ability of Fall leaves, to stun and create wonder, scars showing, and all.

By speaking lovingly to yourself, dressing yourself in confidence, and celebrating your uniqueness, you’ll set yourself up for a true romance with yourself this Fall.





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